April Horoscope: What’s in Store for You This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

April starts with the sun in fiery Aries, making everyone more direct and impulsive. The month ends in Taurus season, which will have you feeling much more stable after the wild ride of Aries season. You know you want to know what April has in store for you, so keep reading for the latest edition of your horoscope.


The Month at a Glance

April 1: What better way to start off a new month than with a new moon? April starts off with a new moon in Aries, which is a fresh start for the month. You might be feeling super motivated and ready to take action on your goals or work you’ve been putting off.

April 5: Venus enters Pisces on April 5. This is super positive energy and a big shift from the colder, more rational vibe of Venus in Aquarius (where the planet’s been for the past month). It’s a great time for love and dating or creative projects.

April 10: Mercury enters Taurus on the 10th, which could have you thinking more before you speak and being more intentional with your words.

April 14: Mars enters Pisces on April 14, which may make you feel kind of distracted, and you might have a hard time staying focused on work. You might find it easier to keep your cool and not get so easily annoyed, too.

April 16: The full moon in Libra on April 16 will have you feeling much more social and creative around the middle of the month.

April 19: Taurus season starts on April 19. You might be spending more money, eating out and shopping more, and just wanting to chill at home.

April 29: On April 29, Mercury enters Gemini. You’ll have no trouble communicating with people during this time and might be able to overcome any miscommunications or struggles to say what you mean (but you could be feeling more scattered, too).

April 30: There’s a solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30. Eclipses are a big deal because they shake things up wherever they’re happening in your birth chart, so be prepared for things to change.


April starts off in the middle of Aries season, and with the sun in your sign, you’ll be getting a lot of attention. And with a new moon in Aries at the beginning of the month, it’s the perfect time to work on yourself. You might want to experiment with your look or you could find new interests. Around the 16th, you might be dealing with relationship issues—you could be working through struggles or you might break up with someone. Watch out for your spending habits when Taurus season starts. You might feel like going on a shopping spree or ordering food every night. With the eclipse in Taurus, you could also be learning new skills that’ll be helpful for your career.

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For the first half of April, you might be feeling like hanging out at home more and just chilling. Around the 16th, you might want to start eating healthier or working out more. You could also be dealing with a lot of work projects. Then, when the sun moves into your sign for Taurus season, you’ll be feeling social and wanting to take the spotlight after being more introverted during Aries season. The solar eclipse at the end of the month will be extra important for you since it’s happening in Taurus. If you’ve been feeling unhappy or kind of stuck, now’s the time to do what you really want. You could decide to do a complete overhaul of your life—cutting your hair, changing your clothes—or you might be getting more comfortable in your skin.


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You’ll be super popular at the beginning of the month during Aries season. Your phone could be ringing (or texting) off the hook with invites from friends. Around the middle of the month, you’ll be making more time to do things for fun (like any hobbies you started and gave up because you didn’t have time). You might end things with someone you’re dating or realize what you want from your dating life. During Taurus season, you’ll want to get some time to yourself after so much activity at the beginning of the month. The solar eclipse might have you wanting to make some changes to reduce stress, whether it’s talking to a therapist or working out to clear your head.


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During Aries season, you’ll have a lot going on with your job. You might have a ton of projects to work on or you could be applying for new jobs. Around the middle of the month, you might feel the urge to clean your house and get rid of things you don’t really need, like all your work clothes you don’t ever wear while working from home. With the start of Taurus season and the solar eclipse, you may have a ton of group projects or need to collaborate more at work, and you may find networking comes a lot more easily. You could also make new friends or join a club.


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Aries season will be about learning for you. You might decide to take an online class or pick up a new book. You might also be planning for a big trip somewhere new. Around the middle of the month, you might be fixing any miscommunications you’ve had recently or you could be finishing up a project you started around the beginning of the month (maybe something for that class you signed up for). When Taurus season starts, you’ll be focused on your career. The solar eclipse might have you suddenly deciding to leave your job for something new or getting a promotion.


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April will be about money issues for you. At the beginning of the month, you might be finishing up your taxes or putting together a budget for yourself. If you’ve been working on any entrepreneurial projects, you might start making money from them around the middle of the month or you could decide to start a side hustle around then. With Taurus season and the solar eclipse, you may feel like traveling. You could be planning a big trip or you could be moving. You may also get the urge to learn something new.


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You’ll see a lot of action in your personal relationships at the beginning of the month. You might get into a new relationship or meet a new friend. Around the 5th, you might start to feel more optimistic about your daily to-dos and could find it easier to keep up with your workout schedule. Around the middle of the month, you might be thinking about yourself more (time for some self-care after dealing with all the relationships in your life). During Taurus season, you’ll be thinking about money. You could get a bonus or raise at work or you could see results from any investments you’ve made recently. You might also be getting to know someone better who you started dating during Aries season.


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During Aries season, you’ll be super productive. You’ll be focused on your daily tasks, like organizing your house and getting laundry done. Around the middle of the month, you may be feeling more emotional, and you may be better able to recognize any issues that have been bugging you lately and getting you down. Taurus season and the solar eclipse will be all about your relationships. You might decide to break up with someone who’s not good for you (in a relationship or a friendship), and you might finally realize what you want and don’t want in your close relationships.


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Aries season will be extra fun for you. You might pick up a new hobby or start a creative project (or kill two birds with one stone and do both, like painting). You’ll be in demand around the middle of the month and may have lots of plans with friends. You could also be finishing up any collaborations you’ve had recently, like a work project with your colleagues. During Taurus season, you’ll be getting down to business after all the fun you had during Aries season. You might have more going on at work, and you’ll be focused on your health, too. You might have a lot of doctors appointments to catch up on or you could be working out more.


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Aries season is the perfect time for you to start spring cleaning—both your house and your habits. You might decide to clean out your closet, do a deep clean of your bathroom, or start cooking for yourself. Around the middle of the month, you could be starting a new job or hunting for jobs. When Taurus season starts, you’ll be more focused on doing things just for fun. You could start dating someone new or you might start a creative hobby. You could also have some major realizations about what’s working for your dating life and what’s not.


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You’ll be doing a lot of writing and talking during Aries season. You could have a bunch of writing projects or presentations at work or school. Around the 16th, you may be planning a vacation to somewhere new (or if you already planned it, you could already be on your way there). You’ll also be finishing up those projects you were working on at the start of the month. When Taurus season comes around, you might be redecorating your house or moving to a new home. You could also be spending a lot of time with your family or just hanging out at home.


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April will be about money matters for you. Keep an eye on your bank account during Aries season, since you may be feeling like buying everything in sight. You could also be starting your own business or working on skills that’ll be useful at your job. Around the middle of the month, you could get a raise at work or you might start saving money as Aries season winds down. Taurus season will be about communication. You might be trying to communicate better with people in your life or you could have a lot of writing and presentations to work on.


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