5 Brands We’re Hoping Launch Plus-Sizes in 2020

Plus-size fashion has come a long way since a tiny corner inside a department store. Brands are starting to get the hint that plus-size women enjoy trendy, well-made, properly-fitting clothes just as much as anyone else. Plus-size women are demanding representation in all areas of the fashion and beauty sector. Models like Ashley Graham, Hunter McGrady, and Iskra Lawrence have shown the fashion industry that plus-size women deserve all the same styles as straight-size women. Beauty brands are incorporating plus-size women like Lizzo (for Urban Decay) and Barbie Ferreira (for Becca Cosmetics) into their campaigns, showing that makeup and beauty aren’t just for thin women. Brands who’ve said they would never work with plus-size models are changing their tune (*cough cough* Victoria’s Secret). 

With all of this greatness happening in the plus-size community, where do we go from here? For starters, there are still hundreds (if not more) of brands who haven’t created clothes for women above a size 12 (if they even have that). We love fashion at The Everygirl, and there are so many brands (affordable and high-end that are totally worth the splurge to us) we love to feature on our site. But I can’t always wear them as a size 18. And you know what, I’m a little sick of it. 

So, here’s to hoping our favorite brands start making clothes for the rest of America’s population. It’s been a big year for plus-size women, but I think it’s possible to top it in 2020.


1. Abercrombie

I hear the words “it’s from Abercrombie!” at least thrice weekly. Everyone in our office is obsessed with Abercrombie, and when I first started at TEG, I admittedly was a little WTF on the whole thing. Why the heck would I shop somewhere that gives me traumatic flashbacks of fifth grade? However, I gave it a chance and started looking on their website. I was completely in awe with how cute, trendy, affordable, and classic everything looked. Our editors love their jeans, but they only go up to a size 33 (which roughly translates to a size 12/14). 

Abercrombie has come a long way since middle school, and they’ve even started using women who aren’t just a size 0 or 2 in their campaigns and on their website. They created their “Curve” jean series to accommodate bigger hips and thighs and a smaller waist, but they still only come in their original size range (24-33). This collection would be a dream for plus-size women and would fit seamlessly within their brand.

I went into the store a few months ago, and while some of the XL pieces fit me OK, I know that if they expanded their range, I’d buy out their stock. 


2. MOTHER Denim

MOTHER Denim came on our radar in the last year, and it’s taken influencers by storm. Once you’ve felt their denim, you’ll never want to wear anything else. It’s butter-soft and molds to your body–it’s like denim Spanx honestly. Their size range goes to a 34, but according to their size chart, a 34 would fit a typical size 14. These jeans are definitely a splurge, but if they released more sizes, we’d make the investment for sure.


3. Lululemon

If you’ve ever stepped foot outside, you know Lululemon; they’re the cornerstone of activewear. They’re the most-duped leggings on the market, and anyone who’s tried them says nothing can really beat the real thing. Along with great leggings, their sports bras, workout tops, shorts, and other active and loungewear are all we could ever want to spend our time in. The only problem? Their size range only goes up to a 14. While that’s better than a lot of other activewear brands, we wish they’d take the approach of our other favorites (Fabletics, Good American, and Girlfriend Collective) by having a full size-range for people of all sizes. (Because newsflash: plus-size people workout too!)


4. Zara

Anyone who loves fashion knows that Zara has some of the best selection of trendy pieces that are affordable but still a good quality. While Zara definitely takes a fast-fashion approach, buying a few trendy pieces from them alongside more sustainable basics is the easiest way to creating a capsule wardrobe that you’ll actually want to wear all season long. Zara has recently been offering some pieces online in an XXL, but I have yet to see any of those sizes in stores (and I honestly rarely see an XL to be honest). If Zara made a plus-size line, 2020 would honestly be made.


5. Revolve

Revolve is *the* place to go for occasion-wear. Weddings, graduations, special events, charity galas (OK, I know no one goes to these, but I have a dream that maybe someone reading this is a famous heir who attends charity balls and is absolutely craving this recommendation)—you name it, and you’ll find something absolutely amazing on Revolve. I’ve never seen someone wearing a piece from Revolve that I truly didn’t love.

My only problem with Revolve is that there is no way I’d ever squeeze my size 18 body into a single thing on their site. They don’t carry a single brand that goes above a size 32 or XL, and honestly, it’s rare to find an XL item that fits any bigger than a size 10. Revolve carries dozens of brands; why not make at least one of them size-inclusive? I hope to see Revolve adding a few designers who have a bigger size-range this year.



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