Does Watching Bachelor in Paradise Make You a Bad Feminist?

And 6 other things to see on the Internet this week

Here at The Everygirl, we understand the nature of busy women. You barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone spend the day surfing the web. That’s why this week, we’re sharing some of our favorite articles on pop culture, design, and more.


1. Why it’s okay to keep enjoying Bachelor in Paradise amidst the controversy

All the Robby hate is actually really refreshing though…


2. How to help in the wake of the Barcelona attack

Because it helps to help.


3. Kate Winslet and Leo Dicaprio had a BFF vacay and our collective hearts sighed

Thank you, Kate and Leo, for knowing we all needed this right now.


4. How to find your soulmate based on your zodiac sign (because sometimes Bumble just doesn’t cut it)



5. Coke Zero Sugar has arrived and it’s actually not that bad WHAT IS HAPPENING

Well, I guess we chalk this up to a win? We needed it.


6. These #FakeGameofThronesSpoilers will make your day and if only Snape could kill Littlefinger SOMEBODY NEEDS TO

No *actual* spoilers, because I would never do that to you.


7. An easy way to have an orgasm… because you deserve good things

Sending you good vibrations (ha, do you see what I did there)