How to Get Your Queer Eye Fix If You’ve Already Binged

Hi, it’s Kelly again, and I’d just like to say that I’m officially addicted to Queer Eye. I know this isn’t necessarily a ~hot take~ because Queer Eye fever has taken over the entire world — as well it should. I’ve never seen something as uplifting, enjoyable, important, and stereotype-smashing as this brilliant, beautiful show. But what to do now that I’ve binged all the episodes upwards of 8 times a piece?! No worries I’ve gotchu (and me) — I pulled together my favorite side projects from the Fab Five and listed them all here for your viewing pleasure. As JVN would say, “Fierce henny!”


Listen to Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Did you know Jonathan has a podcast?! It’s AMAZING (are your surprised) and dives into important issues like gun control, racism, and the opioid epidemic while also keeping it fun and sassy — in true JVN style. It’s a joy to listen to and has an impressive back catalog to cure your Queer Eye cravings.


Start With These Episodes


Ep #11 — What is Gender Identity? With comedian/actor Ian Harvie
Ep #31 – How Do You Find Your Personal Style? with designer Orlando Soria
Ep #43 – What’s it Really Like to be a Woman in the Military? with Linsay Rousseau Burnett



Pre-Order the Queer Eye Book

Have you ever watched Queer Eye and thought: I need them to come and makeover my entire life, please and thank you. OF COURSE YOU HAVE. This book is the next best thing, tbh. It drops November 13th, which is basically in two days because this year is flyingggg by. Run don’t walk.

You can also pre-order Tan’s memoir Tan France: Love, Family, Queer Eye, and What I Wore which sounds truly life changing. It doesn’t come out until May 2019 but you’re still going to want it then so why not pre-order it now? Cool.



Catch These Queer Eye Bonus Episodes

God bless Netflix, amiright? Their bonus content game is STRONG and Queer Eye is no exception. Two mini-episodes are available right now on Youtube for free — one is in a place called Yass which is truly incredible and needs to be celebrated. The other is (adorably) a makeover for a Netflix employee and be still my heart, when is season three?!



Read Antoni’s GQ Interview (…and Drool Over His Photos)

^Antoni describing me, nbd. I love this in-depth interview he did with GQ in February that touches on everything from his recipes on the show to sexual identity. You’ve already clicked away to read it, right? #Proud.

P.S. Don’t forget to book your trip to NYC to experience Antoni’s fast-casual restaurant. Opening TBD, but I’d guess some time in 2019.



Watch the Hilarious Web Series Gay of Thrones

You can also catch JVN (along with Erin Gibson) on the Game of Thrones recap videos, aptly titled Gay of Thrones (I live for puns). They will be continuing the series in early 2019 when the last season of GOT drops. Get ready for it all by binging old episodes, because duh.



Insta-Stalk the Cast — Then Watch Them Insta-Stalk Each Other

This is kind of like an insta-stalk inception situation, cool? If you’re not following the cast on Instagram, do so immediately. Their support of each other is HEART-WARMING AS ALL HELL to see, plus the Antoni-sees-and-reacts-to-Corgis-on-the-street is the behind the scenes content we all deserve. Plus, the Elle video series where the cast reacts to their castmembers Instagram feeds is pure bliss.


Follow the Queer Eye guys on Instagram Here




Step Inside Bobby Berk’s Downtown LA Loft

I’m always about seeing how interior designers decorate their own homes — and photo-touring Bobby Berk’s masculine and homey space is almost as good as visiting the home in person, because Bobby invited me over to drink wine and watch The Bachelorette (a personal fantasy of mine).



Watch Tan Give SNL Cast Member and Famous BDE-Haver Pete Davidson Style Tips

While this video is a little ~awkward~ because Davidson mentions looking better for his girlfriend (who at that time was not Ariana Grande), it’s still adorable and fun and 100% worth a watch. How can I hire Tan to give me style tips and also be my best friend?



Prepare to Throw All Your Money at Karamo’s Upcoming Line of Bomber Jackets

KARAMO IS BLESSING US ALL with a line of bomber jackets — riffing on his signature style from the show. How Karamo rocked a bomber jacket in Georgia in the summertime is truly a miracle, as is this upcoming line. Take all my money.



Where do you get your Queer Eye fix? Tell us in the comments below!