How to Save Money Decorating

  • Copy by: Caroline Wilder

Whether you’re moving in to your first place, a new place, or just need to refresh your current place, decorating can be trying—especially for your budget. So, how do you manage to find what you need without blowing your budget? When you have a specific vision of what you want your new space to look like the process of decorating can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to find out where you can save on your new space!

Local Facebook Groups 

Photo via Armadillo&Co 

We all know about Craigslist, but Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular way to make purchases. Search for garage/estate/yard sale groups in your area.  It’s like Craigslist, but seems to be more trusted and reliable. You can see the person you’re buying from before you buy, and some of these groups have rules to help weed out less-than-stellar buyers and sellers. But who says you have to stick to buying? Sell the old to help bring in the new. Don’t have a group in your area? Start one! Item our editor scored: West Elm wool runner for $40 (80% savings).

Thrift Stores and Estate Sales

Photo by Marissa Cox

Searching thrift stores and estate sales are for the girl who likes the hunt and doesn’t mind putting in a little work. These are both great ways to find pieces that have a lot of character. After a little searching (and sometimes a little elbow grease) you’ve got the perfect new edition to your home. Editor score from an estate sale: upholstered French Victorian chair for just $75.


Photo by Monica Wang
Subscriptions are a great way to find out about sales your favorite stores are having. How many times have you looked through your email and thought why am I on all these email lists?  The key to mastering subscriptions is to only subscribe to the things you really care about. Sign up for emails to hear about sales from your favorite stores and ditch everything else; in the end it’s more clutter keeping you from the things you really want. Insider tip: This isn’t limited to email. If you follow your local stores on Instagram, sometimes they announce secret sales! Item one of our editors scored from a local sale announced on Instagram: 8 x 10 wool rug from West Elm for just $50—over 90% savings!


Photo by Monica Wang
When you move into a new place, you usually get rid of a few things and do a little redecorating. Odds are, your friends do the same. While you’re hunting for decor, keep your friends updated on what pieces you’re looking for. You never know when one of them may be ready to let go of a piece you’ve been searching for! Item editor was gifted from a friend: set of mirrored bedside tables.

Big Box Budget Stores

Photo by Harry van Gorkum for Homegoods
Places like IKEA and Homegoods are amazing when it comes to decorating and furniture. You can find anything at these big box budget stores for a reasonable price. They understand your struggles and girl, they are there for you!  Check out our favorite IKEA products here


Photo by Danielle Moss
While it’s natural to want to finish a project as soon as possible, don’t feel the need to get everything done in a month. It’s OK for the decorating process to take longer than a month or two, start to finish. Collect pieces as you find them. Sometimes it takes a little patience to get exactly what you want. Good things take time!

Feature image is Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scuggs Kennedy’s Home; Photo by Harry van Gorkum for Homegoods