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I have a confession to make: I have a love-hate relationship with gift-giving.

Hear me out. It’s not the giving of the gift that I struggle with. In fact, during a majority of the year, gift-giving is my love language. I’m the type of person who will find a little trinket at the drugstore checkout that reminds me of you, add it to my cart, and give it to you the next time that I see you, just because. But gifting during the holidays is a whole other animal that, quite frankly, stresses me out. It’s partially because I have a laundry list of people I love and want to gift to, partially because I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself to find perfectly meaningful presents, and partially because my gift wrapping skills are overwhelmingly subpar.

So when I found out that gifting could be thoughtful and effortless at Knack, my kneejerk reaction was that it was too good to be true. A women-owned small business that offers hundreds of unique products (90% of which are from other small businesses), perfectly curated gift sets that I can customize as I see fit, aesthetically pleasing and personalized packaging, and the opportunity to include a personalized video message embedded in a QR code? Sure. What’s the catch?

The catch is: there isn’t one. Knack is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that takes the guesswork out of holiday shopping for anyone on your list without sacrificing thoughtfulness. When your loved one receives your gift from Knack, they’ll know that it was perfectly curated for them by you because Knack gives you the freedom to customize gift boxes for everyone on your list. Even if you can’t be there in person (if only we could be in five places during the holidays at once, *sigh*), Knack makes gifting personal and intentional, which is the next best thing, second to physically being present. If you’re looking for a low-effort way to create a memorable gifting experience that builds connection this holiday season, look no further. Knack truly has a gift box for everyone on your list. Check out our top picks below!


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For the movie buff in your life:

Popcorn and Movie Night Gift Set

For your loved one who fancies a cozy movie night in, this Popcorn and Movie Night Gift Set will be an absolute hit. This bundle includes an Eat What You Watch cookbook that features recipes from popular movies, a collapsable popcorn bowl, popcorn kernels, white cheddar seasoning, and a card game for movie buffs. My mom's most fatal flaw is planning an elaborate at-home movie night, making popcorn, and promptly falling asleep before the beginning credits are done rolling, which has become my family's greatest inside joke. For obvious reasons, this gift set will definitely be going to her.


For the person who could use a little zen:

Better Than Therapy Gift Set

For anyone in your life who could use a little mindfulness, this Better Than Therapy Gift Set will be one that they didn't know they needed. With a mindfulness coloring book with colored pencils, a fresh-scented candle, and more, this care package will help them relax and recharge. I can think of about three people on my list who could benefit from this and I'm keeping it in my back pocket for any of my friends who might be having a rough season of life in the future.


For your favorite foodie:

Reindeer Pause Gift Set

We all know someone who would prefer snacks over just about any other gift (guilty as charged), which makes this Reindeer Pause Gift Set the perfect one for the foodie in your life. This bundle includes two dark chocolate-dipped peppermint stir sticks, three too-cute-to-handle reindeer marshmallows, hot chocolate, a festive stoneware mug, and a sweet-meets-salty popcorn mix that'll make any cozy night in immediately more fun. Every Christmas, my sister and I drink hot cocoa in some festive jammies and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, which makes this gift set one that'll pair perfectly with our favorite holiday tradition.


For the person who deserves a little TLC:

Chill Mode Gift Set

For your most hardworking friend who could use help winding down, this Chill Mode Gift Set will be the gift that keeps on giving. With a milk bath balm, exfoliating sugar cubes, soothing eye gels, and Sarah Knight's humorous Calm the F*ck Down journal, you're essentially giving them a one-way ticket to Chilltown, USA. If you think that I won't be gifting one to my work wife and myself, then honey, you simply don't know me.


For your sweetest friend:

Winter Warmth Gift Set

If you're looking for a gift for someone sweet, look no further than this Winter Warmth Gift Set. This bundle includes a Corkcicle Fairisle Canteen, two stoneware mugs, peppermint cocoa mix, and peppermint bark snowflakes. My 25-year-old brother loves high-quality gifts, and while I say I'm gifting this kit to him for that reason, I'm not-so-secretly manifesting that he'll use it on a first date with his future wife.


For the guy who has great taste:

Recharge and Refresh Gift Set

I wouldn't necessarily describe my boyfriend as "bougie," but since moving in together, I've found that this once-grungy college student has definitely grown to have a higher affinity for grandeur than I realized. He absolutely monopolizes our Barefoot Dreams blanket and wears his Ugg slippers all the time, so I'm absolutely shocked that he doesn't already have a nice robe to elevate his mornings or lazy Sundays. Enter this gift set that'll be a major upgrade and one that'll align with his love for fancy things. This particular set contains a luxurious waffle bathrobe, a pepper and oak candle, a hydrating shower gel, a detoxifying mud mask, and a hydrating face mask that'll make him feel extra lavish.


For the person you don’t know too well:

Season's Greetings Holiday Gift Set

I really want to gift something to my apartment's Doorwoman this holiday season, but let's be honest: Gifting to people you don't know can be intimidating. If you're looking to gift to someone without knowing their direct wants and needs, look no further than this festive gift set that'll say "I appreciate you!" and contains items that everyone will love. This box includes a Sugarfina bento box with non-alcoholic, champagne-flavored gummy bears and Winter Berry Sparkle Pops, 30 "pop open" cards that contain a positive message, a mercury glass candle, and bottled mini matches. If you're looking for a gift that'll spread all of the holiday cheer, this gift set is the way to go.


For your favorite host/hostess:

The Cheese Course Gift Set

Take the guesswork out of gifting to your favorite host or hostess with this Cheese Course Gift Set that's sure to knock their socks off. With a rustic chic slate cheese board, quince cutting preserves, and a gourmet cheese knife set, they'll be able to upgrade their next wine and cheese night and—spoiler alert—you'll be invited. I'll be gifting this one to my neighbor, and I know it'll take our Bachelor nights to the next level.


For the certified grillmaster:

Grilling Season Gift Set

Everyone has a certified grillmaster in their life, and for me, that title has been bestowed upon my dad. He takes his BBQ game very seriously (cut to scenes of him grilling in the midst of a Michigan snowstorm), so when I came across this Grilling Season Gift Set, I stopped dead in my tracks. With two rubs, sauces, cedar grilling planks, and Barbecue Rules by Joe Carroll and Nick Fauchald, this gift will be one he'll remember and one that'll get a ton of use.


For the person who slipped your mind:

Just Breathe Spa Gift Set

Listen, no judgment—we've all been there. You're getting ready to go to a holiday event, realize your boyfriend's sister's friend will be showing up after all, and you find yourself giftless and in a pickle. Knack has a really cool gifting feature called Swift Gift, where you can gift a last-minute gift set that the recipient can choose themselves and have delivered to anywhere. Just add a Swift Gift collection to your cart (each collection is categorized by price) and enter your recipient's email. The person receiving the gift will instantly get an email to choose their gift and input their address which makes all of that last-minute gift-giving an absolute breeze.


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