Making Small Space Work for You

How do we make our small space work best for us? When we’re limited on resources, there are always trade-offs, whether we like it or not. While it’d be nice to have separate spaces for all of our activities, for most of us, that’s just not feasible.

Limited space almost always means multipurpose rooms. We watch TV in our bedrooms instead of lounging on the couch and while we wish we had enough room reserved for an office, realistically it takes up space in our bedroom. Any real problem in a small apartment becomes even more apparent in a studio. So how do we dedicate space for all of our activities effectively? In the quest to get the most out of our space, is there still a proper way to create a space that has multiple uses? We say yes.

How You Lounge

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Many of us use our living rooms for lounging and entertaining. Maybe you host game night or watch parties at your place or maybe you veg out with dinner watching the news after a long day. This is what your living room was meant for: living. Because the living room allows for a broad spectrum of activities, this should be the first place to serve as a multipurpose room. But I’m begging you, please keep your TV in here.

How You Dine

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If your space allows for a full dining experience, consider yourself one lucky girl! Small spaces don’t always allow for the dining experience we’d like, but there are definitely options.

The goal: To make sure you and your friends always have a tabletop.
Small space solution: Kitchen nooks and bar tops are a staple because, though small, they allow for a dedicated dining space.
Studio solution: Studio living often means there’s not enough room for the kitchen table or bar. In this case the living room also takes on dining. Your coffee table is your best friend (and probably the piece that will serve the most functions).

How You Work

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If your home office can’t have its own room, it’s great to keep it in a common area of the house. Maintaining a dedicated workspace and keeping it further from your bedroom will allow you to more clearly define the lines between work and rest.

The goal: To make room for work, but not let it take over.
Small space solution: Make space for a small office in your living room. All you need is enough room for a desk!
Studio solution: Start by finding a place to get the work done. Maybe that means doing work from your sofa or bed. Then, make sure all of your work supplies are stored in one central area so you’re never searching.

How You Sleep

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You begin and end the day in your bedroom. Here, the bulk of your time is spent resting and winding down—and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The goal: To keep the bedroom sleep friendly.
Small space solution: Commit to keeping your work and entertainment out of the bedroom, your laptop and TV especially. Create a charging station where all of your electronics go at the end of the day to make this easier.
Studio solution: It may help for studio dwellers to create a little separation in your space. We’ve seen everything from curtains to IKEA shelves used to serve as partitions.

What small space solutions do you use to keep your priorities straight?