Must-Know Artists on the Festival Scene This Summer

  • Copy by: Jordan Bishop

Aside from days spent poolside, no longer having to bundle in multiple layers, and the excuse to substitute sunscreen instead of regular moisturizer, summer also blesses us with a plethora of music festivals. The U.S. festival circuit continues to become more impressive each year as the headliners get bigger and so do the crowds. With festivals from Washington to Austin to Miami, it is nearly impossible for you to come up with a good excuse not to attend one.

Spanning the festival circuit this year, headliners range from Radiohead to Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar, and LCD Soundsystem, so it would be really easy to go for the main acts alone. Instead, spend a little time with the artists below who are making their way to a few festivals each—so remember, there’s a lot of big talent off the main stage.

Father John Misty 

Source: Grantland

FJM, former member of the Fleet Foxes and the guy in that one Lana Del Rey video, is no stranger to the festival scene. Father John (real name Josh Tillman) entrances his crowds with the finesse and mysticism of a cult leader—his live performances are truly remarkable.

I’m truly shocked every time I hear people say they missed his set at a festival. He slinks, saunters, seduces his mic stand (and the audience), belts out his emotions, and is honestly just downright strange on stage…in a good way, of course! Let this stunningly handsome man croon you his stories, maybe convincing you to take up residence in a Laurel Canyon communal living compound, and only wear white linen dresses from here on out.

Whilk & Misky

Source: We The Beat

This London based duo is making the venture across the pond to hit up several U.S. festivals this summer, bringing with them a distinctly swanky sound and upbeat performance. If genre blending is truly a thing, then Whilk & Misky are like the VitaMix of the phenomenon, swirling together techno, blues, folk, and electronica.

They hold the record for most festival appearances this summer with stops at Lighting in a Bottle (CA), Neon Desert (TX), Bunbury (OH), Governor’s Ball (NYC), Bonnaroo (TN), Electric Forest (MI), and more. That’s a lot of festing for one band, but all the better for these up and comers to get their due time on international stages. Now go have a dance with them.

Pearl Charles

Source: Hit City USA

Country, rock, country rock, psychedelic country rock, garage folk, lo-fi surf rock, whatever mixture of combinations you piece together wouldn’t necessarily be wrong when describing Pearl Charles. The LA native began her career at only 18-years-old with the pop-rock band The Blank Tapes, managed to hop on tour with some pretty impressive artists, and obtain a BFA from CalArts. She released her first solo EP through Burger Records last year—it’s an open examination of heartache and healing told through six songs that you could play on a loop and never tire of. Oh and she is also a model, so there’s that too.

The London Souls

Source: Telluride Blues

Good ole rock and roll howling from the gutters of NYC, The London Souls based their name and sound primarily on British rock pioneers such as Cream and Led Zeppelin. Gang vocals, souring guitar solos, and super catchy rifts all supported by the gentleman’s gritty lead vocals will have you feeling like you’re at Glastonbury in 1973.

They’ll be jamming at Governor’s Ball (NYC), Bonnaroo (TN), and Summer Camp Music Fest (IL) before hopping on over to hit up the European festivals for the remainder of the summer.

Vince Staples 

Source: The City of Islands

Vince Staples has a busy summer! He’s hitting up almost all the major festivals and if you’ve been sleeping on him thus far, now is the time to fix that. Staples has mostly shown up to support other artists such as Earl Sweatshirt and Flume, but after time spent with Kanye’s mentor No I.D. last year, Staples released one of the most critically acclaimed LPs of 2015, Summertime ‘06.

This kid from Long Beach will be huge if he keeps up this caliber of work, so don’t miss the opportunity to brag that you saw him way back when.

Twin Peaks

Source: The Bartlett

The dudes behind Twin Peaks have been kicking up trouble all over the U.S. since 2009, but with the release of “Down In Heaven” earlier this year they are looking down the barrel of an especially busy summer tour with stops at both Bonnaroo (TN) and Pitchfork (CHI).

While the overall vibe of the band is still very reminiscent of watching your high school boyfriend’s band rehearse in a garage, Twin Peaks’ sound has evolved tremendously with their latest album’s release. Expect the swagger and middle-finger-up attitude that has made Twin Peaks such a great band for many years, and revel in the more romantic sentiment of the newer material.

Ty Segall & The Muggers

Source: LA Weekly

At 28-years-old with eight solo releases and a plethora of side projects under his belt, no one can argue that Ty Segall isn’t one of the hardest working musicians in the business. The San Francisco native and The Muggers get back from a lengthy European tour just in time to hit up Pickathon (OR) and FYF Fest (Los Angeles). Expect drudging, clamoring, wild, heavy psychedelic rock and roll peppered with all the weirdness that Ty Segall’s performances are known for. He’ll probably be wearing a baby mask for the first few songs of his set, so just go along with it.


Source: Galore Mag

I have no doubt that when we look back on the 2010s definitive style of music, we will be forced to acknowledge that EDM ruled the world. I’m not a hater, but it would be remiss not to mention that while festivals are still the best way to experience a variety of different artists, each year we are seeing more and more DJs on the major scene and less diversity amongst the smaller stage acts. Tamaryn challenges this.

Her sound throws back to a brief era of electronic music that is arguably one of the main influences on EDM today—shoegaze. Before computers and software did all the heavy lifting, artists crafted sweeping atmospheric electronic music using looping pedals and synths on top of synths on top of bass guitars. Tamaryn recreates the classic lush feeling of shoegaze, bringing back an era in music that ended way too soon.

If you need a little extra help getting into the festival spirit and discovering the artists who are shaping the sound of summer ‘16, follow The Everygirl’s Ultimate 2016 Festival Mix below. Happy festing!

What artists are you looking forward to seeing live this summer?