The App That Will Help You Finally Master Your Personal Finances

This post is sponsored by NerdWallet, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

I’m ashamed to say that healthy personal finance has felt out of reach for the vast majority of my life. Discussing money has always seemed like a social taboo, I was an English major who never took one finance or business course my entire college career, and the extent of my financial knowledge when I started my first adult job was identifying how much I can allot to a seasonal clothing budget. Unfortunately, I’m not the only woman who feels confused about personal finances. There’s certainly a gender gap when it comes to money, and it’s not just about wages.

But aren’t you tired of feeling confused about your money? If we’re going to smash the glass ceiling and destroy the patriarchy, we have to be as confident with our money as we are with our voices. Saving for retirement and having an emergency fund are just as crucial to self-care as taking baths and a yoga routine. Therefore, I knew I needed an easy-to-understand tool to take control of my finances and grow my money intelligence. Enter: The NerdWallet app, which makes mastering money easy. Not only can you keep tabs on all your cards, accounts, and bills in one place, but NerdWallet will also help you discover ways to grow your wealth, pay off debt, and be the financially confident badass we all should be.



I’ve tried a lot of different financial recourses, but this app made the most difference because it not only helped me understand where my money was going when I first looked into my finances (AKA how much I was spending on UberEats, which was a true wakeup call), but has helped me grow my money and make smart moves for my future (you’re welcome, 2030 Josie!). Discover how to master your money with NerdWallet’s free app (available on the App Store and in Google Play), and read on to find out why this app can transform your finances.


Stay on top of your money, all in one place.

Does anyone else have financial fatigue with all the different websites, tools, and apps? Even with an organized app folder on my phone and a comprehensive spreadsheet, I was honestly confused. NerdWallet helped me get a handle on my money because everything is in one place. You get the big picture of your finances but can still focus in on the specifics (like cash, debt, loans, and investments). Plus, NerdWallet sends you alerts and assessments of your spending and savings across accounts, so you always know exactly what you have, how you’re spending it, and whether or not you can afford that trip to Mexico next spring (asking the important questions here). 



Maximize the money you have.

I’ve tried many different tools to understand my finances better, but NerdWallet is the only one I’ve found that will not only track my money, but help maximize it. Using expert, tailored insights and personalized recommendations, NerdWallet lets you know how to get the most from cards and financial products that you already have and recommends opportunities to upgrade them. For example, the app recommended a credit card based on my priorities and spending habits. Now I earn points on groceries (which is good because I regularly splurge on those bougie, vegan snacks) and feel less guilty about my afternoon iced coffee habit because I earn even more cashback (although if we’re being honest, I’d find any reason to justify an afternoon coffee).

If you already have a good understanding of which credit cards are best for you, NerdWallet also detects and recommends tangible methods to grow your existing savings, like more interest, reducing fees, and finding extra cash you can transfer to give your savings a boost. It might suggest you could earn more interest on your money by opening a high-interest online savings account (and will give you options to find the best one for you). Basically, the NerdWallet app is not only convenient, but it’s free and offers comprehensive financial advice. Any level of financial knowledge and any income can benefit from the money-maximizing perks. 



Get a thorough understanding of your credit score.

NerdWallet analyzes your credit score and offers suggestions on how you can improve it. Not only do you get your credit score number (and what that number means, for the other credit score newbies out there), but the app displays credit history, shows updates, analyzes payments, and sometimes, it even lets me know that my accounts are “aging like fine wine” (now this is an app that speaks my language). Feeling confident with my money not only feels like a (very expensive) weight has been lifted off my shoulders, but I feel like I’m doing what I can to close the financial gender gap. After all, knowledge really is power. Thanks to NerdWallet, knowledge is not only powerful, but it’s convenient and comprehendible too. 


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This post is sponsored by NerdWallet, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.