Our Second 30 Day Challenge and Twitter Chat

It’s been almost 30 days and we’re almost to the finish line of our first challenge! We couldn’t be more excited that you joined us on this journey, taking time to remix the beat in the rhythm of your life, to power through the day and make a little extra time for a date between you and your ink.Thanks for sharing your photos on instagram using our #TEG30DayChallenge hashtag!
Journaling was intended to provide an outlet to your thoughts, capture creativity and bring some perspective to your day-to-day. So now that it’s complete, we want to hear first-hand from you how it went! We’re going to host a live Twitter chat with fellow Everygirl, @XoJCo on May 1 at 6:00 PST/9:00 EST. We’ll ask you how your first challenge went, talk through some of our favorite Instagram photos, and take your questions too! We also have a few giveawaysfrom West Elm  and BELLA to help one of our readers with the challenge! To participate, just follow @TheEverygirl_ and @XoJCo.
Those 30 days flew by and if journaling taught us anything about our lives, it’s that there’s always room for change and a challenge.  Our next dare is near and dear to our hearts—or rather, our stomachs; we’d like to introduce: 30 days of Eating In! Okay, before you panic, and start hoarding take-out menus and referring to them as “My Precious”, hear us out:
Here’s how it’ll go down:

1.  First and foremost, beverages are not regulated in this challenge! We want to focus the energy of this challenge on home-cooked meals and fine-tuning our fiscal finesse. Eating out regularly can add up quickly and collapse the financial plan we all so carefully curate each month. By cooking at home we aim to take ownership of our kitchens and embrace activities that don’t break the bank in one sitting.

2. Next, we’ll prep our refrigerators over the next few days with staple meals and play with clever ways to reincorporate ingredients, saving you from becoming more regular at the grocery store than you are at the gym.

3. Last, we know how important moments like graduations and best-friend birthdays are often celebrated over immaculate restaurant meals, and we wouldn’t you want to miss them for the world, so we’re tossing in four free days! Use them as needed or not at all, we just want to seize the season with a homemade enthusiasm that makes even Pinterest giddy.
We’ll Instagram with you along the way, sharing our recipes and near-misses as half-off appetizers lead us into temptation. This journey will no doubt test us at least three times a day, so post your pictures and tell us how you plan to overcome the trial of saying no to perfectly plated entrées and car-side conveniences. Be sure to share your photos using our #TEG30DayChallenge hashtag.
Three simple guidelines, 30 days, and one fantastic journey. We love food, we love being out with friends, and most of all we love not doing the dishes. But, never one to shy away from a difficult task, we are mustering all of our courage and diving in head-first into our ice boxes for sole and complete sustenance. While stirring up our creativity in the kitchen, we think this is a great way to step back and evaluate our expenses. Dinner dates, to-go lunches, and even our beloved brunches can sabotage a perfectly planned budget, so let’s take charge and utilize the kitchen utensils and appliances we’ve grown to admire from afar: 30 days of Eating In beginning May 1st. We’re on hopping onto the chopping block, will you join us?
Do you always follow your budget when you’re out to eat? Is cooking at home a treat or a chore?