20 Statement Coats That Will Instantly Elevate Any Outfit

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We all know how getting dressed in winter goes: you could strategize your top and pants and accessories until the cows come home, but at the end of all of it, it doesn’t matter. It’s all going to be covered up by a giant, puffy coat.

I know that by now our team has complained enough about Chicago winters for you to check out at the mention of them, but if Chicago winters have taught me one thing, it’s that having a cute coat can transform your entire winter. Sure, my black parka will always be hanging by my door ready to swallow me in warmth before I leave the house, but this year, I’ve decided to invest in one “fun” coat too—so when I leave the house, I don’t think about what’s underneath it… I’m just excited to show off the coat itself.

Have a little fun with your wardrobe this winter with one of these coats that are a look in themselves—even if you’re just wearing them to the grocery store, you’ll thank yourself every time you put it on.


Amanda Uprichard

Aspen Coat