The Best High Waisted Bikinis of the Season

Trust me, I get it — it’s hard to always feel super confident in a bathing suit. First, there’s the half-naked thing. I mean are any of us totally comfortable stripping down to our, ahem, bare necessities in front of a bunch of strangers at the beach or, even worse, people we know!? And even if you get past that, then there’s always the worry that a dive into the pool or a big wave in the ocean will knock off a bikini top, or that we’ll get the dreaded tan lines that come with a one-piece (as much as we love them!). Throw in digestive bloat from a salty margarita and you’re one mishap away from a dark cloud over your perfect summer day.

Enter: our favorite summer trend since straw bags went viral: the high-waisted bikini. It’s as flattering as a one-piece with the ease and comfort of a two-piece, and just so happens to be the it-style of the season. With leg-lengthening detail or flattering ruching, these swimsuits are literally designed to make you feel confident. Shop our favorites below, and get ready for your most confident beach day ever.