The Most Terrifying 90s Trend Is Back & We Don’t Know How to Feel

1. The Juicy Couture sweatsuit is… cool again?

It’s okay to rock “Juicy” on your ass yet again. Not going to lie, I would buy all of these. HEY, THEY’RE COMFORTABLE, OKAY? 


2. This is what the pay gap actually looks like

Looks like men get paid more just for being men. Great work, America.


3. Why you should stop apologizing for watching the Kardashians (or anything else)

You do you, girl.


4. Meet the flight attendant who saved a woman from human trafficking  

We are floored by the amazing Sheila Fedrick, who used her training, poise, and resourcefulness to save a woman from human trafficking. Take Sheila’s example: trust your gut and speak up for people in need. 


5. Everything you need to know about “Stranger Things” season two

I am FREAKING out. Halloween never looked so good.


6. Should you keep that shirt you haven’t touched in a year?

Caroline knows all — seriously, her closet is ON POINT.


7. The Grey Gardens estate is for sale and here’s how much it would set you back

Is the lease up on your apartment yet?