#TheEverygirlCooks: Readers’ Essential Summer Recipes

  • Copy by: Cassandra Monroe

There’s nothing I love more than food, pretty pictures of food, and swapping recipes so I headed to Instagram to see what our readers were cooking up this summer. After browsing through the #TheEverygirlCooks hashtag, I’ve asked a few readers to share their summer cooking or baking essentials. You’ll love their answers! Bonus: Each picture comes with the matching recipe. Enjoy!

Kit Graham @thekittchen“My summer cooking essentials are lots of healthy veggies and fun salads!” 
GET THE RECIPE: Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Salad

Kimmie @_kimmienoel“My summer cooking essentials are a grill, a zester and plenty of mini prep bowls!” 
GET THE RECIPE: Balsamic Cherries (made into a galette)

Ashley Curran @minck.co: “Since we don’t have a grill at our apartment, I love to cook lots of fish and vegetables en papillote. Having parchment paper is my number one essential for summer cooking!”
GET THE RECIPE: Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Juley Le @juleytl: “I always keep fresh leafy greens like arugula, spinach or mâché around. Not only [are they] for salads, but they mix easily in quinoa bowls and are great as toppings. Just a handful of arugula made the flavor pop in these baked eggs. I love the freshness it added to an otherwise savory dish.”
GET THE RECIPE: Baked Eggs with Herbs, Arugula and Asiago Cheese

Noelani Meirowsky @noemeirowsky: “My summer cooking essentials are fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market! I especially love all the fresh herbs and love to experiment with fruits in my salad during the summer.”
GET THE RECIPE: Thai Peanut Salad with Chicken

Cara Carin @caraskitchen: “My summer cooking and baking essentials are organic coconut sugar- I love using it in the place of white sugar in sweet items like cake or muffins. I am also loving popsicle molds- [I use them to] turn healthy smoothies and juices into delicious summertime treats!”
GET THE RECIPE: Jackfruit Carnitas Style Street Tacos


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