12 Trends LA Girls Are Wearing While Staying At Home This Summer

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If there’s any city to look to for style inspo when you’ve been wearing leggings and a T-shirt for the past five months, it’s Los Angeles. Of course, it is the city that is home to every Kardashian and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, but it’s also the city that has nailed the effortless-but-trendy and relaxed vibe that’s so iconic to southern California. There’s no vibe better when you cannot be bothered to wear pants, but you’re tired of having both nighttime and daytime pajamas. Here are 12 trends that the ladies of Los Angeles are wearing, even while staying at home this season:


1. Boyfriend Bermuda Shorts

Sorry Daisy Duke: while short shorts will always be a staple in our summer wardrobes, the it-denim of summer 2020 is knee-length, distressed, and slightly baggy. It’s like mom jeans, except warm-weather appropriate. Wear yours with a fitted tank to balance out the bagginess, or a feminine floral to make them more fashion-forward than grungy. 


2. Silky Pieces

By now, you’re probably over your sweatsuits and basic tees, and you need something a little lighter than fleece or cashmere. The fix? Silky pieces that look as luxe on Instagram or Zoom calls as they are comfortable to lounge in all day. There’s a reason it was a go-to for Elizabeth Taylor: wearing silk is the next best thing to wearing nothing at all. 


Paige Slipdress

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3. Neon Colors

Summer is always the season where we pull out our brightest colors, but this summer, we need an even brighter boost. Neons are no longer just for accessories or details; LA girls are doing bright colors from head to toe. Think citrus shades, neon accents, and electric combos. 


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4. Ribbed Dress

Call it the athleisure trend or call it the stay-at-home order, but everybody is wearing ribbed. The ribbed tank took over our Instagram feeds, ribbed knit became the unofficial hero of 2020, and now, the comfy fabric has made its way into our summer wardrobe with easy, breezy, fitted dresses. 


Ribbed Dress

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Ribbed Midi Dress

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5. Pajama Sets

For all of you Everygirls that could never get enough of a good pajama set, good news: they’re still going strong. Trade your flannel for more stylish and seasonal fabrics like jersey, cotton, or linen. Oh, and if you really want to do PJs like an LA girl? Pair with your favorite bling (no one would ever guess that you woke up like this). 

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6. Head-to-Toe White

Fashion bloggers and style stars are so obsessed with white this season, I’m predicting the all-white trend will extend past Labor Day (screw the rules!). Try mixing off-white or cream with stark white, or wearing all of your coziest white pieces at once (trust me, it’s a fool-proof formula). 


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7. A Puff-Sleeved Blouse

Even if your version of “getting dressed” meant joggers and a T-shirt for the past five months, it’s never a little too late to spruce up your work-from-home (or grocery-shopping) uniform with an of-the-moment trend. Trade your typical tee for a puffed-sleeve version, and you’re Instagram-ready. 

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8. Feminine Florals

Florals? For spring (I mean, summer)? Groundbreaking. Miranda Priestly may not think it’s revolutionary, but women in LA are still rocking summer’s favorite print from the comfort of their own home. Luckily for us, floral prints are as pretty, bright, and comfortable as ever.


9. One-Shoulder Dress

OK, so what do you wear when you want to look like you have your sh*t together up top (like say, for a Zoom meeting), but can’t be bothered to be anything but comfortable on the bottom? That’s right: a flowy, one-shoulder dress. Plus, you’ll look hella chic when hosting your friends for a socially-distanced barbecue. 


10. Shoulder Pads

The ’80s are back, but this time they’re way more practical. A relaxed tee with a shoulder pad has been worn by so many it-girls, it’s basically the item of the season. Of course, that’s wonderfully convenient since it’s just as comfortable as the old camp T-shirt you’ve been wearing for days now (yep, I see you). 

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11. Knotted detail

When in doubt, make a knot. No, that’s not a sailor’s motto; it’s wardrobe advice (OK, yeah, that was cheesy). Fashion girls everywhere are knotting their tops (and skirts!) to add more interesting detail to an otherwise simple outfit. Buy a knotted top or tie your favorite loose T-shirt or button-up

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12. Printed Bike Shorts

What can’t bike shorts do? Not only are they extremely versatile and one of our favorite items to work out in, but they’re officially a wardrobe staple outside of the gym (or you know, the yoga mat on your living room floor). Dress up a printed version with a basic tee and ladylike accessories. 


What’s your favorite of-the-moment trend to wear at home?