Why is friendship so much harder as an adult?

1. Why are adult friendships often so much work? Man Repeller investigates.

Baby showers, weddings, birthdays, OH MY [LORD].


2. John Mayer has a new music video out where he… dances with pandas? Wait, oh, John, what is going on.

Apparently, fans have been asking Mayer to dance for *years* …so, that’s a thing.


3. Go deep into the backlog of Mary-Kate and Ashley movie fashion with their former stylist.

Was anyone else obsessed with bucket hats and neon-colored tube tops? Off to watch all the MK & A movies now — starting with Winning London, which was ~obviously~ the best.


4. Anne Hathaway has a new movie out and is politely asking everyone to stop hating her, already.

Where does this “hatha-hate” come actually come from?


5. ICYMI: Pepsi pulled their “Live for Now Moments Anthem” (um, what) ad, featuring Kendall Jenner, amid serious controversy.

Bright side: the ad was so tone-deaf that its backlash has actually united people in common understanding.


6. Why the “blame the millennials” mindset needs to end, right now.

Generational stereotypes are just that, stereotypes.


7. Still in the middle of the black hole that is tax season? 13% of Americans would gain 20 lbs to escape.

Before you result to drastic — and completely arbitrary — measures, read our six tips to make filing your taxes just a little bit easier.