Are Women Afraid to Compete With Each Other at Work?

And 6 other things to check out on the Internet this week

We get it–you’re running the office or you’re running your kids to preschool, matcha latte in hand. You’re doing it all, having it all, and absolutely busy. We’ve made it easy to stay #relevant by collecting our favorite articles from the week on pop culture, beauty, entertainment, etc., aka News for The Busygirl (see what I did there?). Read on for all the updates you need from the week.


1. Celebrate your body exactly the way it is with this roundup of gorgeous women celebrating their cellulite, and feel confident wearing a little shorter skirt or a little tighter dress this weekend.

You is smart, you is kind, you is important, and you is HAWT! Just the way you are.


2. An article from Glamour dives into women and competition in the workplace. We have a lot of work to do until we have #genderequality, and the solution has to do with getting to the root of the issue, which is perfectly captured in this fascinating article.

Read when you’re ready to have a good, life-changing/inspiring/thought-provoking/eye-opening/culture-changing moment (but I know you’re probably ready for that right now).


3. If you already finished season 2 of Queer Eye and need another reason to believe in humanity/are testing a new waterproof mascara, watch Joanne Rogers, wife of Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (aka, the show that taught you how to feel) talk about her late husband on The Tonight Show.

You’ll be wanting to sob, “143!” to the next person you see. Also, if you haven’t seen the documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, call in sick and head straight to the closest movie theater. It’s exactly the kind of happiness and kindness the world needs right now.


4. Earrings that are headphones have finally been invented, because the future is now–they’re dangly, they’re chic, they play John Mayer through bluetooth

Think about all the perks– never lose a pair of annoying, tangled headphones again, have a chic pair of earrings always on hand (cause who doesn’t need that!?), and be able to zone out your boyfriend when he’s talking about the NFL draft, again– the options are limitless!


5. Justin Bieber, the Pre-teen Dream turned Angsty teen (and then successful, but grungy, adult), got engaged and it’s NOT to Selena Gomez (*JELENA FANS EVERYWHERE GO IN PANIC MODE*)

Hailey Baldwin–model, television personality, and One Less Lonely Girl, is clearly a Belieber. She also used to be a #Jelena fanatic, as evident in this episode of, “Twitter never goes away so be careful what you tweet.” Congratulations to the happy and gorgeous couple! We’re happy if you’re happy, JB.


6. There is now such thing as a chocolate bar made out of avocado toast, because millennials.

Compartés Chocolatier made the viral white chocolate bar, filled with pieces of toast and avocado (because if you’re trying to appeal to anyone ages 12-24, avocado toast! duh.) We’re not sure whether we should stock our pantries with the combination of two #nofilter favorites, or run for the hills, keeping our chocolate stuffed with peanut butter or pretzels and leave the avocado toast for Instagram.


7. Forget Horoscopes or Myers-Briggs– what you really need to learn about your personality is this Buzzfeed Quiz to find out which wine you’re most like. 

Learning I was most like Merlot was a real eye opener.

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