Here’s What You Need to Accomplish All Your New Year’s Resolutions

  • Copy By: Abigail Yonker & Kelly Etz

No matter what kind of resolutions you’re making, the hardest part is always taking the first step. While it’s easy to say that you’ll “work out more!” or “eat healthier!” with the same old (dusty — whoops) workout clothes in your drawer or those pasta-sauce-stained used-to-hold-deli-meat tupperware containers you have in your cupboard, let’s be real — exciting new products make sticking to a new routine WAY easier. So whether you’re hopping on board with a healthier lifestyle or looking to organize the chaos of your life, we got you — here’s what to buy to get you started on all your resolutions.


Be Kind to The Environment

I’m naturally ~super green~ (I did an entire art project based on the theme “Recycling is HOT!” in middle school — that was a lot), but these days, it’s literally easier than ever to incorporate environmental mindfulness into your day-to-day life. There are so many simple habits we have that harm the environment (coffee and straw routines, period fixes, and excessive Ziploc baggie use, to name a few) — but that’s about to be a thing of the past. You don’t have to sell your car and live in a house made of solar panels to be kinder to the earth — but hey, wouldn’t that be fun?


Metal Straws with Silicone Tips

The city of Chicago recently voted to ban the use of plastic straws — and I am SO ON BOARD! Not only are plastic straws super harmful to our favorite sea-dwelling friends, but they're also non-recyclable. Keep some metal varieties in your purse to use at restaurants and in your favorite cold Sbux drinks!


Biodegradable Poop Bags

You take your dog out to do his/her business about a million times a day (or so it feels), and all those little plastic baggies are doing some serious harm. These biodegradable versions are way more earth-friendly.


Reusable Produce Bags

I shudder when I think of how many times I've put two little apples in a plastic bag — then thrown the bag away. No more!! These reusable produce bags can be used over and over on every trip to the grocery store.


Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag

Packing your lunch has never been easier (or greener!). These planet-friendly storage bags make meal prepping and food storage a breeeeeze.

Simple Modern

32 ounce Reusable Water Bottle

You KNOW you need to drink more water, but you definitely shouldn't be doing it by consuming (and then throwing away) a ton of plastic water bottles. Not only does a reusable water bottle allow you to keep it handy at all times, but it also is better for the earth and for your wallet.


Lena Menstrual Cup

Let's do some math — how many times a year do you get your period? How many days a month are you bleeding? How many times during each of those days do you change your tampon? Yikes. That is SO much waste. Menstrual cups eliminate waste in a simple and sanitary way. I'm all in for that!


Source: @alainakaz


Become a Morning Person

I’d like to humble-brag for a moment here to say that I believe I am a person who has successfully transitioned into a morning person. While I love my sleep as much as the next girl, I also LOVE my morning time — and it’s the best time of the day to get some serious shit done. I invested in my workout wardrobe (as that was my biggest desire for the morning — to work out before work), developed a major collagen addiction, changed my alarm ringtone to Wildest Dreams by T-Swift (the perfect blend of soothing and invigorating), and started charging my phone away from my bed. I promise that embracing the morning CAN be done, and it’s all about finding a routine that works for you.


Sunrise Alarm Clock

What's better than waking up to the gentle light of the sun!? Nothing — that's what. This sunrise alarm wakes you up the same way the sun naturally would — which means it's more soothing and natural for your body. Yes please!


Collagen Peptides

Protein increases your dopamine levels, which help make you ready for the day. Starting your day with protein-heavy and skin-loving collagen is the perfect skincare and everything-care start to your morning.

Outdoor Voices

OV Kit

Hitting the gym first thing will give you the most kickass energy for the rest of your day — and setting out a super cute workout set the night before will make you excited to get up and moving!


Vitamin C Brightening Gel

The ideal morning skincare routine is both effective and luxurious — and a great Vitamin C product is both. This one will brighten your skin (making you look awake even when you don't feel like it!).


Ivory/Silver Area Rug

When those feet the floor first thing in the AM, you don't want to land on a cold hard surface. Warm up your toes and cozy up your morning with a comfy bedroom rug!



Less Screen Time

Every single person I talked to about resolutions this year has mentioned something or another about less screentime. Many of us sit in front of our computers all day at work, so it’s a little crazy that we also go home and turn on Netflix or HGTV to chill out. There’s a whole big wide world to explore out there — and it’s way better to see it for yourself than through little squares on Instagram.

Madeline Miller


This book has won some serious awards and has a serious plethora of five star reviews. I own it and can attest that it's truly amazing. But Circe aside, reading any book is a great way to detox from screen overload.


Hot Seat

My deskmate and friend, Abigail, recommend this game to me and it. is. so. freakin. fun. You'll laugh. You'll cry (just kidding, you'll just laugh). Buy it.


Reflections + Intentions Journal

I used to love journaling as a tween — it gave me all this space to get my feelings out in the open without judgement or having to deal with outside opinions. Such a great release. I've been meaning to get back into it as an ~adult~ and it also proves a great incentive to set down your phone for a solid 30 minutes or so.


Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask

If there is one thing that gets me away from my phone the fastest, it's self-care. I hate scrolling while I'm masking, because it takes all the relaxation out of the thing. Try putting this mask on 30 minutes before bed and zoning out. Think about what happened during your day, what you're grateful for this week, try meditation. Anything you like — this is your time.


Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

I used to hate cooking, but I've come to realize I just didn't have the right tools to get the job done. Invest in a few essentials and a few fun extras — like this precision cooker — to up your culinary game and then make an evening out of cooking a really delicious meal. You might glance at your phone a time or two for recipe directions, but you won't be glued to the mindless scroll. And at the end? You'll have an amazing dinner. Booyah.

Joy the Baker

Homemade Decadence Cookbook

You can also go the sweet route and try your hand at baking. Get all Barefoot Contessa with yourself and sift flour, melt chocolate, and caramelize fruit to your heart's content. Invest in a physical cookbook so you can leave your phone in the other room, turn on some tunes, and lose yourself in the process.


Cricut Maker Rose Electronic Cutting Machine

Remember how much fun crafting was as a kid?! Well the Circut is crafting on steroids. You can do pretty much anything on this machine including, I think, fly to Mars and back. It's definitely an invest, but it's sure to pull you away from your phone for hours at a time.


Fujifilm X100F Digital Camera

One of my favorite weekend activities is planning future vacations. Even if I have absolutely no budget for them at the moment, it's still so fun to imagine where you'll go, what you'll see, and (most importantly) the amazing food you'll eat. And when you end up going on one of your bucket-list trips?! It's a omg-I'm-tearing-up-this-is-so-magical situation for the books. You'll want a camera that can capture all those ~ memories~.



Live Healthier

While we don’t condone aiming for a certain number on a scale or fitting into a certain size dress, we DO condone being your healthiest and happiest self!! Whether you’re hoping to try a few new workout classes, get outside more, eat better, meal prep more, or break a sweat every day, you need the right gear. You got this!!


5-Blade Spiralizer and Slicer

It's undisputed that pasta is the King of all foods. But I've been told it's not healthy to eat for every meal... I know, right?! Blasphemy. But in an effort to get healthy, swapping your carb-laden spaghetti for a swirl of noodles is an easy and satisfying substitution that won't leave you feeling deprived of your nightly pasta-fix.


Glass Meal Prep Containers

Meal prepping is all the rage for a reason — it saves time, money, and helps you keep your health on track. It's basically magic. My biggest gripe with meal prep is always that I have nothing to put my meal prepped food in — it's a Goldilocks situation where all my jars, bowls, and Tupperware are either too big or too small. Enter this chic glass container set. Buy once and meal prep easily for life.

Kelly LaVeque

Body Love

I love this book by celebrity-beloved nutrition expert Kelly LaVeque because it's not about losing weight or looking a certain way — it's about making the most of food, falling in love with your body, and allowing yourself to perform at your ultimate best. The huge amount of smoothie recipes is BEYOND helpful!

Skin Gym

Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller

I have this facial roller and let me tell you: it's a DREAM. My new favorite routine is settling into the couch, flipping on some Netflix, and rolling away — trust me, it's addictive.


Serene House Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

Reduce stress, headaches, and nausea are just a few of things essential oils claim to do — sounds pretty good, no? This chic diffuser will not only get the job done, but look right at home on your nightstand — it's basically an objet d'art. NOTE: Some essentials oils are not good for pets, be sure to do your research before you purchase your specific oils.


Swift Run Sneaker

If there's one way to make running fun, it's investing in the cushioned, blush sneaker of your dreams. You'll have better traction, less sole aches, and a little burst of joy every time you look down. Win, win, win.


Source: @thehomeedit


Be More Organized

Anyone who knows me (or who watched my slightly embarrassing bag spill video) knows that my paper planner is my LIFE. It’s the only way I can keep myself organized, and I can’t recommend it enough. A paper planner might work for you too, but that’s not the only way to get organized this year. Now’s the time to piece together all the parts of your life into a cohesive whole – and we want to help you get there.


Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Organizer Bins

Fridge porn is a thing and it's entrancing af. I could stare at photos of organized fridges all day. Anyway... I love that this set from Amazon comes with several bins so you can buy once and start setting up your system immediately. A clean fridge will also help you save time and money — you'll know exactly what ingredients to buy (no more double-upping on parmesan cheese and salsa because you can never find that half open jar you know you have somewhere) and meal prepping will be a breeze.


Tote Organizer

If you've ever owned a bag (I'm guessing... yes?) then you know the pain of the "drop-it-in-and-it's-lost-forever" phenomenon. I don't think I've ever used a chapstick twice?! Well, NO MORE. 2019 is the year of tote organization, you heard it here first.

Marie Kondō

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

This book is a cult classic for a reason. You'll be in Ultimate Purge Mode for at least two weeks and it is glorious. Plus, it makes you think differently about your consumption and what you actually need (versus those sparkly, shiny, want-so-bad things)

Paper Source

2018-2019 Dove Grey Large Planner

Is there anything better than a crisp, fresh planner for a crisp, fresh new year? Keep yourself accountable the old-fashioned, pen-to-paper kinda way.

8 colors available

Commute Clutch

I love how breezy this makes life — literally pop it in your bag and everything is *poof* instantly organized. No more hunting for that lost chapstick or your mutinous keys.


What resolutions did YOU make this year? Which of these are you most excited to stick with this year?