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What To Add to Your Fall Bucket List This Year, Based on Your Enneagram

Source: @lolaomonaija
Source: @lolaomonaija

I’m not going to lie: Fall bucket lists tend to make me feel equally excited and stressed out. It’s simply because I know I may not be able to hit everything on my list before the season is over. The good news is that we, of course, have the freedom to pick and choose the fall traditions that mean the most to us, which means your fall bucket list can look unique. This is where your Enneagram can come in handy. Knowing your Enneagram type can help you become the best version of yourself. And yes, that can include determining how to prioritize your time this season, so you can spend it doing the things you love.

If you’re ready to personalize your fall bucket list according to your Enneagram type, read on for some ideas on how to make this your best fall yet.


enneagram type one

Treat Yourself to a Fall Mani

Type Ones have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and the perfectionist in them will love pampering themselves with a classic fall manicure. They will no doubt know the perfect color to match their fall wardrobe, and going to a salon is a great way to relax and unwind. Ones, you deserve it! Whether you go for a deep brown, olive green, or classic red manicure, new nails can help you feel self-assured and confident stepping into a new season.


enneagram type two

Bake a Fall Treat

The one thing Twos love more than anything is taking care of their people. This type is compassionate and nurturing by nature, and what produces more fuzzy feelings than a homemade fall treat? The perfect autumn day for a Two includes turning on a fall playlist, donning a cute apron, and zen-ing out in the kitchen as they bake a pie for friends and family. Twos: Allow your guests to ooh and aah at how amazing your house smells, and be sure to have vanilla ice cream handy so everyone can enjoy their dessert à la mode!


enneagram type three

Carve Pumpkins With Friends

Threes are self-assured, charming, and—dare I say—a bit competitive, so gathering friends for pumpkin carving is right up their alley. Although it doesn’t have to be a competition, Threes will be prepared to wow everyone with a challenging jack-o-lantern design that will make an impressive addition to their Halloween-themed front porch. After all, the goal is to have the best-looking house on the block, right?


enneagram type four

Go Apple-Picking

As a Four, I can attest that this Enneagram type is very much about the vibe and aesthetic of their surroundings. Creating and embracing beauty is a key motivator for Fours, and a day at a picture-perfect apple orchard totally fits in with their dreamy fall mood. Grab a few friends or bring your partner along to walk the rows of apple trees and take in all the sights, sounds, and tastes. For optimal daydreaming, plan to go on a weekday or as soon as the orchard opens to avoid crowds.


enneagram type five

Read a New-To-You Book by the Fireplace

Fiercely independent Fives constantly crave knowledge and understanding. Give a Five a free weekend afternoon, and they’ll no doubt spend it learning something new. As soon as the fall weather turns brisk, this type will relish in a cozy chair by the fireplace, with a mug of something warm and a new book—with no one to bother them. Fives: Opt for a non-fiction read and set your phone to do not disturb mode for the ideal fall day.


enneagram type six

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Sweet Sixes are committed, responsible, and true ride-or-die friends. They love what they love with their whole hearts, so naturally, this type’s ideal fall activity involves a bit of nostalgia. Pumpkin patches have a certain charm and predictability that Sixes can take a lot of comfort in since they’ll know exactly what to expect. Sixes will feel secure and stable drinking cider, running through a corn maze, and picking out the perfect pumpkin with friends. It’s the quintessential fall day!


enneagram type seven

Go to a Haunted House

Fun-loving Sevens will revel in a spooky evening at a haunted house. After all, the terrifying experience of a haunted hay ride or house of mirrors is all in good fun! Shrieking and running away from zombies or chainsaw-wielding figures can feed into this type’s need for new and exciting experiences. Spontaneous Sevens are always the life of the party, so gather your friends and get ready to be spooked. You know you’ll never get bored at a haunted house!


enneagram type eight

Start a Fantasy Football Team

Fall is football season, and assertive, straight-talking Eights will thrive playing fantasy football. This Enneagram type loves a challenge, so joining a league can satisfy an Eight’s desire to prove their know-how and leave their mark. Spend the season tracking your team’s stats each week and engaging in some friendly competition. Your natural sense of patience and persistence will prove helpful since a lot can change over the span of a football season.


enneagram type nine

Have a Movie Night In

Calm and cozy Nines strive to create harmony in their environment at all times and having a chill movie night in will leave this type feeling deeply satisfied. Nines: Opt for your favorite fall comfort movie, warm up some cider, light a fall candle, and cozy up with a blanket on the couch for a picture-perfect, conflict-free evening.