Self Care

50 Little Things You Can Do For Yourself Right Now


Our lives are definitely different, but they’re still happening. Life doesn’t just stop because offices close or masks are required to go into grocery stores. And what if this time in our lives does, after all, have a purpose? What if we give it the purpose of actually stopping, slowing down, and taking care of ourselves (because how often do we truly do that in our normal routines?). 

Here are 50 small things you can do for yourself right now, all with just one purpose: to tune in to what you truly need. Do you need to rest and recover to feel better, or do you need to feel accomplished and reorganize your closet? Do you need nourishing whole grains and fresh vegetables to feel your best, or do you need a comforting meal that makes you feel like you’re a kid again? Make your happiness the #1 priority, and make every decision based on the level of joy it will bring you. Put down the computer, take a work break, and spend a few minutes caring for yourself with these 50 little ways. 


1. Read a book that makes you laugh out loud

2. List five things you like about yourself

3. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, but have been thinking about

4. Put on the fanciest face mask you have in your beauty arsenal

5. Take a nap (with #noshame)

6. Rearrange, decorate, or organize an area of your home that doesn’t make you happy

7. Do facial massage to release tension in your face (and boost glow!)

8. Listen to a podcast that inspires you

9. Add three more veggies to your next meal

10. Check in on your relationship with money


Source: @kayla_seah


11. Go on a walk (but take a different route than you normally take)

12. Meditate while your coffee brews or your pasta is cooking

13. Do the dishes or vacuum the carpet

14. Next time you’re going to exercise, work, or a read, take it outside

15. Snuggle with someone you love (you count!)

16. Set alarms on your phone to take three-minute breaks tomorrow

17. Read an entire chapter of the book you’ve been trying to finish forever

18. Close your eyes and envision your happy place

19. Create your own “feel-good” playlist of all your favorite songs

20. Write down your biggest career goals, and take one small step towards achieving them today


Source: @gabbywhiten


21. Make someone else’s day by texting a compliment or sending a care package

22. Plan the trip you’ve always wanted to go on

23. Sit in Child’s Pose to relax

24. Do the thing you say you never have time to do

25. Catch up on the good news (no scary headlines!)

26. Do something creative like scrapbooking, painting, or cooking 

27. Make a donation

28. Put on red lipstick (or whatever item makes you feel your most confident)

29. Have a two-minute dance party

30. Brain dump whatever is on your mind



31. Do some coloring for adults (or kids! No judgment)

32. Eat fresh fruits or vegetables plain, and enjoy the taste

33. Diffuse essential oils (or tap them on your wrists or temples)

34. Do a workout that makes you happy and sweaty

35. Learn how to DIY your favorite cocktail

36. Go on a drive, open the windows, and blast the music

37. Imagine what it would feel like to achieve your wildest dreams

38. Watch a TED Talk that motivates you

39. Spend an extra five minutes in bed

40. Unfollow anyone on social media that doesn’t make you inspired or empowered


Source: @taylranne


41. Forgive yourself

42. Commit to a 6-Week Self-Care Challenge to become your best, happiest self

43. Spend 10 minutes being totally quiet

44. Buy yourself flowers during your next trip to the grocery store

45. Watch a movie you loved as a child

46. Do laundry (yes, even the hand towels you rarely use)

47. Drink a whole glass of lemon water

48. Download a meditation app

49. Cook your favorite meal to eat out (eggs and hash browns count!)

50. Turn off your phone for an hour, the afternoon, or the entire day


We want to know: what little things have you been doing for yourself?