What to Do This Weekend Based on Your Enneagram

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After what felt like the longest winter ever (I blame Game of Thrones), the sun is finally shining and we’re ready to soak it all up. However, our long summer bucket lists might be getting the best of us. We want to accomplish everything. Trips to the beach, all the nature hikes, a picnic in the park, outdoor movies, weekend getaways — the list goes on and on! So, we have to make sure we don’t totally burn ourselves out before we even hit the 4th of July!

The Enneagram is quickly becoming one of our favorite personality tests. Aside from just being a fun thing to talk about with friends (I’m an 8w7, where are my fellow 8s?!), it’s an incredible resource to learn more about yourself and how you interact and work with others. Many people say it has helped them get to know themselves better and discover how to successfully reach their goals. I mean, if that doesn’t make you want to take the test immediately, I’m not sure what else would!

In light of getting to know ourselves a little better, we’re sharing exactly how to beat the summer burnout while feeling accomplished, confident, and productive, all while having some good old-fashioned fun in the sun. Best. Weekend. Ever.


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Type 1: Clean out your closet

Ones are practical and often considered perfectionists. They thrive in environments that feel controlled and orderly. Mary Poppins, Michelle Obama, and Meryl Streep are all perfectionists, as they strive to find the good in everyone and are focused on morality and fine-tuning their skills.

While the home of a one is already probably pretty clean (they love cleanliness!), spending part of the weekend Marie Kondo-ing your closet probably sounds like a dream. Instead of just storing your winter clothes away in a box and forgetting about them until October rolls around, try them on and decide which you loved last season and which you don’t want to bring into next fall. Then, you can go on an organizational spree (I know you’re so excited, type ones!) to get everything in order.




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Type 2: Invite a friend on a picnic

Twos are the loving, caring friends who always put themselves before the people around them. There’s a reason they’re often referred to as the Helpers! They feel complete when they’re engaging with someone else and making sure they’re feeling their best too. They love to host parties, especially if it means they can make their guests happy. 

A two will feel productive and happy when they’re with a friend, and they will feel especially fulfilled bringing all the best snacks and supplies for a sunny day in the park! We know you’ll go all out with that baked brie — do your thing!




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Type 3: Read outside

Threes are the doers, achievers, and drivers. There’s a reason some of the biggest names (Taylor Swift, Oprah, Cindy Crawford, Reese Witherspoon, and more!) are threes. These are the people who set their mind on goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. They love leadership roles and feel at peace when they feel valued in friendships, career, and relationships.

These are the people who feel like they’ve done nothing at all if they haven’t worked on their goals for the day. So, take your goals outside! Whether it’s the latest memoir from your favorite creative or a how-to business read, pick up where you left off somewhere in the sun. Whether it’s at the nearest park, a beach (so lucky!), or listening to an audiobook on a walk through your neighborhood. You won’t regret it!




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Type 4: Go to a craft show/fair

Fours are very in-tune with their identity and sense of self. They know who they are, meaning it was probably very easy to determine their type! They are creative and inspired and love expressing this through art, literature, home decor, fashion, and writing. They strive to show their personality in everything they do and are attentive to their own emotional needs. If I’m being honest, these are definitely the hipster-starved-artist types, but we love them all the same.

Because of your love for creativity, you’ll adore strolling through the various art and craft markets in your hometown. This gives you a chance to get your own creative juices flowing while engaging with other artisans and creatives that you admire. Bring a notepad in the event any new ideas pop up that you’ll want to remember!




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Type 5: Go to a conservatory or zoo

Fives are intelligent and love to learn. They are motivated by knowledge. How the world works, the secrets of the universe, and the point of life are questions a five wonders on the daily. They’re not easily intimidated by large concepts and seek the answers to every problem immediately, making them incredibly solution-oriented.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, and a conservatory or zoo is the perfect way to get a little something new in your noggin. I know it sounds lame and childlike, but these aren’t just for kids anymore! Some zoos have “adult nights” with beer and wine vendors. This is also an incredible way to see some nature when you’re stuck in an office in the city the rest of the week!




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Type 6: Sleep in

Long-term relationships and commitments are everything for a six. They love commitment and are loyal to the people they believe in. They enjoy feeling supported and secure in all areas of their lives. They’re immensely responsible and hard-working which can cause them a lot of stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives.

This weekend, give yourself the luxury of just sleeping in. It sounds easy to most of us, but it’s an amazing way for a six to practice self-care. This will reduce stress in the moment and allows you to catch up on any of the sleep you might have missed during the week. You’re going to love this.




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Type 7: Take a road trip

Sevens are excited by excitement! They love spontaneity, being busy, and want to dip their toes into everything they can. Their main goal in life is being as happy as possible, and they want the people around them to feel the same way. You’ll see them traveling as much as possible and always convincing their friends to come along for the ride.

We can’t all be jet setters every weekend, but if you want your fix without going far, take a spontaneous road trip anywhere. Whether it’s a couple of hours away or a trip to a nearby neighborhood that you haven’t explored yet, there’s excitement around every corner (literally!).




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Type 8: Take a phone detox

Eights are all about confidence. They usually know what they want, when they want it, and how they’re going to get it. They are strong-willed and love to use those strengths to help others be the best version of themselves. They might have a little bit of a control issue sometimes, but it comes from a place of wanting everything around them to succeed and be as confident as they are.

They’re known as the Challenger because these people love a good challenge, so we’re giving you quite a big task! Give yourself a weekend away from the cell phone. We know, it sounds crazy, and the person in you who checks her work e-mails incessantly and always wants to update her IG Story is screaming at me right now, but hear me out. Taking a break from social media for two days (it’s only two days!!) will allow all of your brightest ideas to finally come to fruition.




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Type 9: Go to a drive-in movie

Self-care is a basic everyday routine for a nine! They always seem like they have it all together because they look on the bright side and have a reassuring attitude whenever anything goes south. They avoid conflict and want everyone to live in peace. They strive for harmonious relationships and worry about disruptions.

The most relaxing and enjoyable part of the weekend is without a doubt catching up on your favorite movies and TV shows. However, who wants to sit inside on a nice summer day? The perfect combination was born: the drive-in movie theater! A lot of cities also have movies in the park during the summer — take advantage of these! If you can’t find a drive-in closeby, make one yourself! Download your favorite movie onto your laptop, and head to the backyard, park, or outdoor area nearby. It’s not the same, but it gets the job done and you and your friends or family will still have a blast.




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