12 Newsletters Worth Subscribing to Right Now

Lately I’ve been taken with the maximalist approach (minimalism? I don’t know her) in basically every area of my life. A bust, a candle, a vase (pronounced vaaaaase), 45 coffee table books, and a giant geode on this entry table? Yes! Pre-shampoo, hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and hair oil? Lather it up! 

Which is why I’ve decided to break up with the unsubscribe button and go all in on my newsletters. Who decided less emails were better? I actually really love getting new emails and have a whole ritual of checking, reading, and sorting through them on my lunch breaks. So I thought I’d share some of my maximalist wisdom with you in the form of my favorite newsletters to dive into each week. Let’s get reading. 


For your activism


Roll Call from Austin Channing Brown

An excellent investment in deepening your anti-racism work

I highly recommend investing in a paid subscription to this newsletter and in Austin Channing Brown’s work. Each edition of Roll Call is approachable yet in-depth and provides key action items you can take into your daily life. Currently, the newsletter is exploring the history of housing discrimination in the United States, and I’ve learned so much I didn’t know about how housing policies and redlining directly feed into the racial wealth gap. 


For the best reads + recommendations


A Thing or Two with Claire and Erica

A roundup of great things on the internet

Did you ever have that one indescribably stylish friend (of course you did) who made you want to jump inside their brain and just bask in all their secrets? Reading A Thing or Two—created by Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo formerly of Of a Kind and authors of Work Wife—is exactly like going to lunch with your older sister’s impressive friend or your 4th grade babysitter who is still the coolest person you’ve ever known. 


The Jasmine Guillory Newsletter by Jasmine Guillory

For romcom reading recs and recipes 

It’s no secret that my coworker and work wife, Abigail, and I are both obsessed with Jasmine Guillory’s books. They are the perfect antidote to the I-haven’t-flirted-with-anyone-in-eons blues and will make you smile like nothing else. Another thing I can’t help smiling while reading? Jasmine’s newsletter, which is such a lovely roundup of things she’s reading, recipes she’s making, and general life chats. If you like books and love, this is for you. 


The Friday Roundup, The Career Edit, and more weekly sends from The Everygirl (that’s us!) 

For new job postings, recent articles, shopping recommendations, our editors’ weekly favorites, and more.

My first job at The Everygirl, way back in 2017, was compiling the weekly newsletter and damn is it good. We send a roundup every Friday with recent articles, old favorites from our archives, and tons of extras you’ll only see in the newsletter like product recs and news you need to know. Our monthly sends focus on specific topics like home + organization, style, meal prep, and my favorite: career. I found my first freelance client from the old TEG job board (aren’t you having fun getting to know me?) and we brought it back in newsletter form within our career edit. We pour a lot of love into our newsletters, so don’t miss them! 


Worn In, Worn Out by Kitty Guo

The coolest stuff you’ve never heard of 

As I approach my 28th birthday at the end of this month, I feel my hold on the cultural pulse rapidly slipping. To illustrate: most of my references are from Gilmore Girls, a show that ended in 2007, which was somehow 13 years ago. All that to say I’m exceedingly grateful for Kitty Guo’s ultra chic recommendations—for everything from scrunchie headbands to art prints to silky dresses—which are culled from unique shops, small businesses, and creators.


Girls’ Night In

For the homebodies at heart

Honestly I am never happier than with a truly ginormous quilt, a steaming coffee, a really good read, and absolutely no plans and it feels like the Girls’ Night In team really gets me. I love their breezy roundups of great articles, book recommendations, and products to try. A newsletter I never fail to open every single week. 


For your cravings 


Five Things I Ate by Sophie Chou

Accessible recipes and recs for cozy quarantine nights 

I am by no means a chef (one memorable kitchen moment comes to mind: making quesadillas with my roommate Caitlin and going to chop an onion. “Wait, did you peel it?” “No, do you have to peel them… ??” Guess which one was me) and so I’m not about lengthy recipes that want you to whip up things like mirepoix and chiffonade the hell out of stuff. Which is why I’m all about Sophie Chou’s friendly suggestions like a weekend spritz with whatever La Croix flavor is hanging out in your fridge and her favorite frozen foods to snag. 


For your news 


Deez Links by Delia Cai

News you actually want to know

I feel like we’re on the cusp of the Substack (a newsletter delivery system for writers and creators) glory days where written-exactly-for-you posts get delivered right to your inbox. It’s like the old days of the internet where you’d stumble upon a tiny but glorious blog written by who you’re absolutely sure could be your best friend. Deez Links is lovely because it feels at once specific to your interests but also broad—there’s in-depth Folklore reviews and TikTok scholarship and interviews galore. 


The Morning from The New York Times

If you’re looking for a quick breakdown of news you should know, you can’t go wrong with this. 

Every morning, I blearily arise from my nest of down comforter, sheet, cozy throw, and extra fuzzy blanket (maximalism!), and reach for my nightstand. I take a messy chug of water from the glass I left there the night before and pull my phone up to my eyes. I know it’s frowned upon to check your phone 0.45 seconds after re-entering the world of the awake, but this is my article so I’m making the rules. The world can be a scary and confusing place right now but rather than feeling depressed when confronted with this news before I’ve even stood up, I feel steadier reading it from NYT’s crisp, to-the-point sentences. It’s sobering yet familiar with little nuggets of positive news woven in, and gets me out of bed on a weekday faster than anything else. 


So Many Thoughts by Elizabeth Holmes

For your (royal) news

It’s no secret I’m a huge Meghan Markle fan (I have loved her since her inspiring array of pencil skirts on Suits). I’m also just a general royals lady ever since I read the Princess Diana biography when I was 13. If you’re also a tiara enthusiast, Elizabeth Holmes’ So Many Thoughts newsletter is such a delight. I love her nuanced reporting on the decisions behind royal style moments and her approachable writing that makes you feel like you’re having a cozy catch up with a friend. 




For commiseration 


That’s What She Said by Anne T. Donahue 

To get you through all your existential crises 

Isolation has been making me confront a whole lot of things that I never expected. I feel like Christina Applegate when she woke up with amnesia in the first episode of Samantha Who? (does anyone else remember this show). Do I actually like what I’ve thought I always enjoyed? What do I really want out of my life besides unlimited time to lay down in a prone position? I can’t even describe the relief in clicking into the first issue of That’s What She Said and finding out someone else is also grappling with whatever this well of feeling is. Please enjoy this excerpt which is the most me thing I’ve ever read that wasn’t, in fact, written by me and then go subscribe already. 

“My veneer is gone, and I am but a kernel of pure, unadulterated emotions. In this moment? I feel great! I just ate a Crunchie bar (DELICIOUS) and got an iced tea (THE GREATEST BEV) and my cat is snoring on the chair next to me. But later? Maybe I’ll cry!”



For your health 



Understanding your gynecological health + answers to questions you’ve always wanted to know

Last but not least, I would be remiss (remiss I tell you!) if I didn’t mention the newsletter from Clue which is a surprising favorite of mine. With links to articles like “How Did Menstruation Become Taboo?” and “How Many Female Orgasms Are There Really?” (v important info here) it’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know that you certainly didn’t learn in health class. Plus, reading and learning about your own body and how much it can do is incredibly empowering. 



What newsletters do you love to get in your inbox? Give me all your recommendations!