I’m an Everygirl… and I Moved Across the Country

  • Copy by: Natalie Clapp

I moved 1,000 miles away from home all alone! After graduating from college in Central Illinois I packed up my car and drove down to Charleston, South Carolina with no job, no friends, and no real plan in mind. I always knew that I wanted to live by the sea and Charleston was the perfect blend of beach and city life. My friends and family kept telling me how brave I was, but the truth is the closer I drove to the South Carolina state line, the more afraid I felt. Moving away from everyone you know and love to a city you’ve only been to once before isn’t easy on the heart.

However, thanks to the overwhelming excitement and support of friends and family, I did it! Three weeks after walking across the stage at graduation I found myself walking into a house I had only seen on Craigslist. Although I didn’t know a soul upon moving here, a few weeks later I already felt at home in my creaky, old, yellow house. My three roommates welcomed me with open arms and now it really feels like we’ve known each other much longer than we have.

Finding a job and being able to financially support myself was the main concern I had about moving away from home. So many of my friends had landed “big girl jobs” in the city and here I was, going in blind. I was lucky enough to find a full time job within eight days of living in Downtown Charleston. Tourism and hospitality have always been interests of mine and Charleston is the perfect place to be for that business. I’m now working at a historical inn and after one short week of work I’m already in love with it. And even though I feel like a tourist in my new city, I do feel pretty cool giving a guest directions to the market!

Charleston is a city full of opportunities. There are so many creative people here who are following their dreams. It’s such an inspiring place to live! Between the award winning restaurants, historical venues, and independently-owned businesses there is always something to do. Living fifteen minutes from the beach isn’t bad either. I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who helped me get here—I  definitely couldn’t have done it alone.

Being so far from home has me living outside of my comfort zone at almost all times, but making this move helped me learn the following important life lessons: be bold when looking for a job, be nice to everyone you meet, live your life, and Craigslist is your best friend! A week ago, I was certain I was going to get in my car and drive home as fast as I could and live with my parents forever. But now I know that moving to the Holy City was the best decision I could’ve made post-grad!

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