How to Host a Galentine’s Day Brunch

There’s no better person to host a Galentine’s Day brunch than the queen of femme, blogger Ariana of fashionborn. Ariana’s flirty, feminine style translates perfectly into a festive gathering for inspiring women. If you want to celebrate the girls in your life and create a Galentine’s Day Brunch of your own, we’ve got some simple tips to make your bash perfectly girly.

Welcoming Your Guests

Ariana did a fantastic job at making everyone feel welcome. Besides her warm personality, Ariana guided each guest into her beautiful, open kitchen to socialize and get to know each other before brunch. She offered her guests drinks from the mimosa bar to get the party going and even had an area set up for photos with the perfect backdrop. Keep these simple tips in mind when making your guests feel welcome:

  • Have a dedicated space for your guests to gather before the main event. This can be your kitchen, living room, or whatever area is the most spacious in your home.
  • Set up a bar in that room so guests can start making drinks as soon as they arrive. If your space is a little tight, try setting up a bar on an entry table or even on your coffee table.
  • If some of your guests don’t know each other, taking silly photos with new friends is a great way to bond! Setup a simple backdrop where your guests can take selfies together.

Creating a Festive Table Setting

Pink and red can be tricky colors to incorporate into a table setting, but, with help from Chrissy of Harlowe James, Ariana nailed it. These floral centerpieces from Angel Petals were the main focus, allowing the rest of the decor to be on the simpler side. If you want to take it a step further, these chic pink plates from Anthropologie add the perfect touch of glam. Ariana let them shine by pairing them with white and gold linens and flatware.

  • Start with a floral centerpiece and keep the rest simple.
  • Rather than classic roses, try something more modern like a mix of red dahlias, pink ranunculus, and white anemones.
  • You can’t go wrong with soft neutral linens.
  • For a touch of glam, add pops of gold like gold flatware, gold rimmed wine glasses, or a gold flecked runner.

What to serve

Brunch is an ideal meal for hosting because it’s easy to pull off and it’s a definite crowd-pleaser. Ariana gathered pastries and donuts from local San Francisco bakeries and served them alongside healthy yogurt parfaits with fresh berries. No cooking required! If you want to experiment a bit in the kitchen, these mini waffles were a great addition. And no Galentine’s Day celebration is complete without some sweets! The dessert bar was filled with cupcakes, macarons, mini donuts, and red velvet cake. Make sure to keep these tips in mind when planning your menu:

  • Assorted baked goods from your favorite local bakeries are always a win. Cut them up ahead of time so guests can easily share and try a few!
  • Bring in some healthy options like fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits. If you can swing some gluten-free and dairy-free options, your friends with dietary restrictions will be very appreciative!
  • Prepare your parfaits individually in pretty glasses so guests can easily grab one. It’ll save a lot of room on the table since you won’t need to put out all the parfait ingredients!
  • For dessert, small bites like macarons, cupcakes, and mini donuts are easy to serve. Plus, who can say no to one little bite?

The mimosa bar was certainly a highlight as well, especially with these glitter sparkling wine bottles from OneHope. To go along with the pink theme, Ariana made homemade guava juice for some delicious guava mimosas! Check out the recipe below:

Homemade Guava Juice Recipe (serves 2-3)

  • 3-4 pink guavas
  • 2 cups of cold water
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar (optional)

Quarter guavas and blend with 1 cup cold water. Strain mixture and add 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 cup cold water. Serve chilled or over ice. Add OneHope sparkling wine to create some delicious mimosas!

Gift Bags

Last but not least, send your guests home with gift bags filled with your favorite products. Ariana chose products that would make her guests feel pampered and feminine. She put everything in a cute tote from Minted that her guests could reuse later on. Here are some great ideas to include in your gift bags:

The combination of beautiful decor, yummy food, and incredible company made this year’s Galentine’s Day a total success. Ariana asks, “What could be better than getting my friends together, a group of strong and inspiring women, to celebrate our friendships and support for each other?”. That is the true meaning of Galentine’s Day!

Tell us how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your best gals below!