Your Business Marketing Strategy Based on Your Enneagram

Watching your business grow based on the steps and tactics you’ve implemented along the way is one of the best parts of being a business owner. Whether your blog just hit its page view goal for the month, you made a sale on your website, or you got a referral from a client, you’ve done it! But how can we keep pushing those goals further, make more money, and explore your passions even further? 

By using your website to its full potential! We’re big fans of Squarespace for all your website needs, and their various options and features make it so easy to keep pushing and trying new things. But it can be challenging to try new things if you’re unsure of the result (perfectionism is a curse sometimes!), and when it seems like you’re overflowing with options and business plans abound, the decision fatigue sets in, and then you ultimately do nothing. To get out of that rut, we’re figuring out which new marketing strategy you should implement based on your type of our favorite personality test, the Enneagram (it’s all about personality, rather than birthdays or charts). Grab your notebook and a pen, and start taking notes!


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Grow Your Email List

Email is a powerful tool to keep in your back pocket. I mean, how many times a day do you check your own email? How often do you ooh and ah over a product, service, or link you found in a newsletter? Ones know the power of their words, and they’re often very intentional and strong. But they have a tendency to get caught up in all the little details and nuances, which can cause them to self-sabotage through perfectionism. Make it easy on yourself by using Squarespace’s built-in email campaigns, which pull directly from your site so your logo, products, and social links are there waiting for you.

When building out your emails, include lead generators and clickable content to keep your audience engaged and encourage new signups. Try free downloads, short mini courses, checklists, exclusive blog posts, product discounts, and more! 

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Repurpose Old Content

Twos are friendly and smooth (charming at best), and they let that come through their content and business. You’ve spent so much time and effort on your website, so don’t let old posts and pages fall to the wayside as time goes on. As your audience grows, you want to make sure they’re able to access all of your content. Update popular posts from the past with new keywords and extra content and links. Write a post about work-from-home tips last summer? Add more photos and relevant topics and post again. This is also a good time to revisit previous projects and breathe new life into them. If you spent a lot of time on something at one point, keep repurposing it for your audience!

Create a content schedule using all of these reposts. Squarespace allows you to schedule posts in advance, so you can build out your content calendar for the weeks and months ahead. Take note of what types of content perform best based on the day of the week and time to help you keep your audience engaged and increase your click rate. 



Use Email Automation

Threes are excited when they can automate and streamline a process, and email is a great option that will save you ample time when you’re in the zone. 

We love the automations within Squarespace email campaigns that allow you to keep your site top of mind without having to send an individual email every time. Have an online store? Set up an automation that will email new customers a few days after their initial purchase, offering a discount code. A surefire way to turn first customers into repeat customers. Have a blog? Send out an automatic welcome email to new subscribers featuring some of your most-loved blog posts. The best part about creating these automations is that you can “set it and forget it.” A little work upfront and you can reap the rewards for months to come. 


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Dive into Hashtags

Fours are creatively-driven, so they love sharing their projects, products, and more on social media. Want to show your masterpieces to more people? Get acquainted with hashtags. On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, hashtags are a great way to group content and show it to as many people as possible. Search through the hashtags your audience is following and create a list that you can add to your own posts.

It also might be a good idea to create your own hashtags to group your content and encourage your audience to share their own similar images and posts! Try keeping sets of hashtags in a note on your phone, based on different content you post. That way no matter what you’re posting, you’re maximizing the number of people who will see it. 



Explore New Features

A five never lets a rock go unturned. They want to try and research everything they can, and it’s a big factor in their success—they get results! To keep your marketing strategy up to date, you’ll want to keep that same energy and make sure you’re trying every feature on the social platforms you use. Try Instagram Live, Reels, and IGTV, or Facebook Live and Stories. Did you know you can make “Pinterest Stories” too? Not only will these help the algorithms of these sites to show your content to more people, but your audiences might see a new side of your business, a product from a different angle, more of your personality, and more.

We love Squarespace’s tool, Unfold, that helps you create beautiful Instagram Stories, straight from your phone. 

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Create A Stellar “About” Page

Sixes have a really strong handle on who they are, so they’re not likely to publish and work on projects they’re unsure about. But they aren’t always so good at talking themselves up! Make it a point to add a little extra bit of you to your business with a really solid about page on your website. Tell potential customers about your favorite movie, or how you got your start in your business. Explain why your product or service is unique. Readers and customers will be more willing to engage with your blog, site, or shop if they feel like they know you. Add photos, quick FAQ type questions, what you’re loving lately, and more. 

Not sure about where to start? Think about your story. Why did you start your blog or business? Share a bit about where you started and where you are now. Bring readers on the journey with you! 

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Go Behind-the-Scenes

People love your personality, seven! Part of the fun of being a business owner is all the behind-the-scenes stuff you get to do, and your readers and customers want to see all of that too. Give people an insight into your day-to-day: how you package orders, what your office looks like, your favorite office music to play, what your favorite products are. Give your brand a personality—and if a seven can do anything, it’s show their personality! 

To keep up with your branding, make your personality really matches the aesthetic of the brand. If you’re an outgoing and lively person, a black-and-white website filled with basic serif fonts won’t correlate. The good news? With Squarespace, there’s no need to have any experience coding or designing either—you can easily match your brand’s aesthetic without spending hours upon hours toying around with the design. Choose from Squarespace’s robust library of templates, fonts, stock images, and more to ensure your site reflects your personality and business mission.



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Upgrade Your SEO

Eights love a good project, and optimizing your entire site for SEO is the perfect weekend activity to get your blog and/or business in tip-top shape. Do some research on what your audience is searching and what keywords are best to include to attract even more site visitors. Get specific in your data about when people are clicking on your site, what pages they’re reading the most, what device they’re reading on, what they’re commenting on—seriously, go deep into the data. Then, build your marketing strategy on that. It’s basically the most magical set-up an eight could ask for. 

Not a whiz with SEO? No worries. Squarespace builds SEO optimization right into its templates, so you don’t have to take an SEO course to understand exactly what to do. Steps such as automatically creating mobile versions of all of your pages that load quickly make it easy on you but efficient and effective for your business plan. Squarespace also includes free SSL certificates to notify search engines that your site is legit, so you’ll show up in more searches. We also love that Squarespace has built-in Google Analytics integration so you can easily track all of your stats and goals.

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Squarespace’s SEO Checklist

Try Promoting Social Content

Nines, you create content that deserves to be seen! Nines are usually the shyest of the Enneagram types, so they usually need a little boost of confidence every once in a while to keep their business thriving. And the same could be said about their content. Sometimes, you just need a little boost to get it seen by the right person to convert to sales, and a great way to do that is through promoting your Pinterest pins and Instagram and Facebook posts. This can be pretty low budget (anywhere from $5-15), but could boost your traffic immensely. This might help you gain new followers, sales, website clicks, and more.


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