Buy Now, Use This Weekend: 6 Items Making Our Summer So Much Better

You already know the things you have to do to make the most of your summer, the recipes you want to taste before fall, and the beauty looks you want to try this season. Still, we all know how it usually goes every year — summer comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and you’ll find yourself saying, “wait, but I’m still waiting on my beach pass to come in the mail!” when the temperature and leaves start dropping.

But not this year — 2019 is the year that you’re actually going to have your best summer ever. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you really can be your healthiest and happiest self with a few products that make all the difference. Here are the items that have transformed our summer so far, and are actually helping us achieve our best life ever (#blessed). Your summer self can thank us later!


Source: Daiya


1. Daiya Dessert Bars

You know those hot summer days when you get off of work or you’re coming home from the pool, and you just crave ice cream? Or maybe you’re like me and crave ice cream, like, all the time? Either way, plant-based ice cream treats are the MVPs of the season, allowing us to indulge in our summery cravings completely guilt-free.

We always look to Daiya for all of our healthy-eating needs, as they’re a leading plant-based brand committed to offering better-for-you comfort foods. Daiya‘s selection of plant-based products are sold in over 25,000 grocery stores in the U.S. and are completely dairy, gluten, and soy free, proving that taste and health do not have to be mutually exclusive. Their new dessert bars are officially our favorite food for summer — they’re creamy, smooth, rich, and feature premium ingredients like fair trade chocolate, real vanilla extract, and 100 percent Arabica coffee (is your mouth watering yet!?).

Whether you’re more of a Chocolate Fudge Crunch or Salted Caramel Swirl kinda girl, you won’t miss regular dairy ice cream at all. Enjoy by the pool or after dinner as a frozen treat, 100 percent guilt-free.




2. A Clean Self-Tanner

So it’s not a new thing that sunscreen is essential, right? Since we’re not baking in the sun with tanning oil on, a girl’s gotta faux a glow! But we no longer have to put up with orange tints and obvious streaks in order to fake a tan. 2019 is the year of the new way to faux tan, with clean options that are more natural in formula and more subtle in look than their chemical-filled and streaky predecessors.

Available in mousses, mists, and oils instead of smelly lotions and sprays, these products are redefining the self-tanning industry. Add in violet and blue undertones (no more orange!), and you’ll have a glow that will have everyone asking if you just came back from vacation. Most importantly, they’re natural, clean, and actually good for your skin.





3. The Modern Beach Bag

We’re tossing out the canvas pool bags we’ve had since high school and replacing them with much chicer and more practical beach totes. Transparent beach bags are not only perfect for the beach or pool since they’re waterproof, but the modern material is all the rage this summer. A transparent tote is truly the most practical bag I’ve ever had (no more fishing around the bottom of your beach bag for your headphones or wallet), and it’s roomy enough to fit all the essentials you’ll need (don’t forget that sunscreen!). If you want a little more privacy, opt for a trendy straw bag that is chic enough to take you from the pool to the farmer’s market to rooftop drinks.





4. Everything Needed to DIY Iced Coffee

Because is there truly anything better on a warm summer morning than a refreshing iced coffee? The answer is, of course, a resounding hell no! But since our Starbucks addiction can get pricy, we’re DIYing our iced coffees from the comfort of our own homes. Some of our must-haves this summer are stylish cups for all iced coffee drinking purposes, reusable straws that are as sustainable as they are Insta-worthy (rose gold, hello!!!), and cold brew coffee makers that whip up professional-level coffee in a pinch. Be your own barista and save your money and the environment while doing it. (Bonus tip: freeze coffee in an ice tray (instead of water) to prevent your coffee from watering down — can your local coffee shop do that?)





5. Athletic Shoes Meant for the Outdoors

Whether you’re a 6am runner, a devoted yogi, or a spin-class-before-weekend-brunch kinda girl, it’s the season to take advantage of the great outdoors. Try going on runs around your neighborhood instead of on the treadmill or hiking at a nearby trail. Or, if you’re like me and prefer your workouts to be in a cool, dark space where no one can see you (god bless my yoga studio!), try to spend some extra time outside in general.

I — yes, the girl who doesn’t even like to walk from the parking garage to the office — have taken up walking in the evenings. Not only is an after-work walk around the block a great way to fit in some extra steps (because is there anything more satisfying than that beep on your fitness tracker when you hit 10,000?), but it’s also a healthy way to get some fresh air, listen to a podcast, or catch up with a friend. This season’s trendy sneaker styles come in handy for summer with a thick sole (perfect for even tough terrain) and a light fabric (so your feet won’t sweat). Trust me — a pair of shoes this good will get you outside.




Source: Anthropologie


6. Sustainable Grocery Supplies

We could all be a little better with our sustainable practices, and summer is the perfect time to start. With all the fresh food available and the long days spent outside with nature (the beach counts!), we’re using summer as a time to rethink what we can be doing to live greener. One of the easiest ways to do this is to switch to greener grocery supplies. Not only are there reusable products that seamlessly replace our plastic bags or plastic wrap, but they actually look good in your kitchen too. Take home produce from Whole Foods or the farmer’s market with a net string bag, store foods in reusable pouches and canisters, and pack your lunches with cute boxes instead of getting carryout — your work wife will be so jealous.





This post was in partnership with Daiya, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.