Letter from the Everygirl Cofounders: A New Chapter

  • Copy: From Us, To You

In August 2011, we were two 20-something Chicago bloggers. Virtual strangers who knew each other from the Internet and decided to meet for coffee. We discussed the very obvious void in content created by and spotlighting real, relatable women who like us, were trying to figure out their career, finances, relationships, travel goals, and decorate their homes on a budget. We sat down at a local coffee shop to brainstorm, spent the next six months at our computers until the wee hours of the morning, and on 2.22.12, launched The Everygirl.

Here we are, exactly six years later, announcing the next chapter: The Everymom.

Funny story. We came up with the idea more than four years ago – secured the domain and social handles (note the Joined in 2014 date on our Twitter account @theeverymom!). But… neither of us were moms so launching a brand we had no real-life experience in simply didn’t make sense.

So why now? Well, we’re both expecting (due just seven weeks apart this spring/summer!), and we once again find ourselves in a place in life where we need a resource that doesn’t quite exist which is crazy considering the vast amount of information out there! And after months (years really) of hearing from other moms and moms-to-be, the consensus is that they all need it too.

For the past five months, we’ve begun building a tribe of moms. Working moms. Stay-at-home moms. Experienced moms and new moms. Women trying to become moms. Writers, entrepreneurs, neighbors, and friends willing to share their stories, their advice, their struggles, their triumphs. And we want to hear from YOU too.

If you’re interested in writing, contributing, or pitching a woman you think would make an amazing feature for either her work, home, story, style, etc. – tell us! Please email [email protected] with the pitch/topic/headline in the subject line.

Lastly, we want to say – The Everygirl community of readers – all 32 million of you! – means everything to us. And it’s very important to us and our team not to change or take away from this site at all by adding a “parenting” tab and trying to make content work where it doesn’t quite fit.

And for the moms out there – well, you know, there is so much more to an Everymom’s world than parenting advice. You deserve your own space! Your own community! The new site will mirror The Everygirl in terms of covering a robust range of content and topics–but under the lens of life with kids.

We so hope you enjoy when we launch in a few weeks. Jump on over to The Everymom to read our manifesto and sign up for updates if you haven’t! Follow on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Until then… 

– Alaina and Danielle


The Everygirl Media Group, LLC is Hiring!

JOB TITLE: Associate Editor for The Everymom

DESCRIPTION: This full-time position will involve working closely with our Editorial Director to pitch, write, organize, and manage high-performing, engaging content for our new site The Everymom. It could also include managing writers or interns, producing photo shoots, traveling to cover stories, and more.

Given the size of our ever-growing start-up, you’ll quickly see you have your hands in a lot more than that. The Associate Editor is also expected to be proficient in Photoshop for photography and graphics, and you’ll need to have a keen eye for sourcing quality photos. You’ll work closely with the assistant editor to draft and manage The Everymom newsletter, social channels, giveaways, sponsored content, etc.


  • Pitching and writing multiple story ideas per week relating to motherhood (pregnancy, life with children, balancing career and motherhood, partner and marital topics, cooking, living, traveling with kids, etc.). PLEASE NOTE: this is a writing heavy role as all FT staff writes daily
  • Reviewing all motherhood related concepts and articles with editorial director before they go live on the site
  • Sourcing images, formatting stories to be presented in the most engaging, helpful way
  • Sourcing and linking relevant, stylish products for shopping posts to meet quarterly revenue goals
  • Copywriting headlines or full articles when needed, sourcing pull-quotes in stories, linking up products for shopping posts
  • Researching trending topics and stories
  • Work with assistant editor for strategic newsletter development
  • Work with assistant editor to manage and track performance on social channels of The Everymom: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook
  • Work with assistant editor to manage submission box for pitches and reader questions

Less frequently

  • Attending events or sponsored programs on behalf of the brand
  • Travel could come up, especially to Chicago for team conferences


Email cover letter to [email protected] about why you’re the perfect candidate for this exciting new role! Please include your current city. Preference for local Chicago candidates but willing to consider hiring remote for exceptionally strong candidates.


  • at least 5 headlines/story ideas you’d love to see covered on The Everymom on various relevant topics
  • at least 3 women you’d want to see profiled on The Everymom – either for their career, their home, their story, or another relevant issue
  • your 3 best writing samples on the topics of or related to motherhood/parenting/lifestyle/advice/or other relevant topics
  • resume

The email application should have no attachments. Only links. Cover letter should be directly in the body of the email.

Sunday, February 25 by 8 pm CST



  • Mary

    This is amazing! I have been reading The Everygirl for a few years now, and it has helped me so much, but I have started to outgrow it. I’m 29 and no longer relate to the “just starting out” phase for buying a home, building a career, relationships, etc. My husband and I plan on trying for a kiddo soon so this is VERY EXCITING! Looking forward to growing with The Everymom, and it’s comforting to know there will be a community there when I’m starting that new chapter. Congrats and thank you for all your hard work. It’s so appreciated. 🙂

  • Lauren

    I am excited too! I am 30 and my husband and I are thinking about having kids in the next year.

    A huge request though – please stay REAL and don’t have too many stories with “perfect moms”! Nobody wants to read about how easy it is for someone. Just like there will be stories about how motherhood completed some people have some stories about people who fear motherhood ruined them. Stories about how how to divide up housework and childcare if you don’t have a husband who’s a saint. I don’t think The Everygirl will be like that at all because you guys aren’t like that now. But I work in mental health with very highly functional, successful people who are suffering from depression and anxiety and a lot of people feel isolated because they feel pressure to maintain an image.

    Also write about fertility! For us girls that will be trying.

  • Excited for you girls! I love reading The Everygirl and although I’m not a Mum yet, I’m cheering for you! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Amie Melnychuk

    This is fantastic! I’m a 30 year-old Momma to two wonderful kids, 3 years and 9 months. I look forward to reading and enjoying what the site offers. Maybe I will pitch an idea or two 😉

  • Michelle Sabourin

    I’m due in July! This could not be better timing <3

  • Melody McFarland

    Is The Everygirl going away?

  • Lisa Valerie Morgan

    Congratulations! This is such an inspiring story. Wishing you the best of luck on your new venture and your growing families!