The Everygirl’s 2019 Fall Bucket List

I’m all for a glass of rose on a rooftop and a street festival in the city in the summer, but my love for all things fall is incomparable. I know we wait all year to feel the sunshine on our face for just three short months, but there’s something about the fall that just hits different. No seriously, those first brisk, fall days here in Chicago will definitely hit you.

Now that we’ve officially survived the heat wave of summer and life has started to slow down back its normal pace again, that means fall is right around the corner. Fall is hands-down my favorite season not just because I’m no longer sweating to death when I walk outside, but also because all of the fun things there are to do during this time of year. We’ve rounded up all of the best fall activities for our 2019 bucket list to make this the best season of the year. Grab your PSL, cozy up, and plan out which one you’re going to do first!



Switch out your closet

The time has come to pull out all your sweaters and jackets that you stored away months ago. Though it won’t be cold enough for all of these pieces yet, you’re probably going to want to start incorporating some lighter fall pieces into your outfits after Labor Day weekend. When you’re starting to wear big, comfy sweaters and leggings — which is my favorite kind of fall outfit — it’s probably safe to say it’s time to put away the sundresses until next year. This is a sure sign that fall is officially here!



Tailgate a football game

If you were to ask my family, they would say fall = football. No matter if you’re a fan of football or not, there’s nothing quite like a Friday night football game to bring back all the memories of high school. This is a great opportunity to visit your hometown and catch up with friends and families. There’s something so healing about spending time with the people who knew you before you even knew yourself! You can also spend your Saturday tailgating your old college team for the alumni game or get a group together to support your city’s NFL team on Sunday. 


Try a dark lipstick look

After a summer of bright lip stains and shimmery lip glosses, try switching up your makeup look with a dark lip this fall. If you’re attending a fall wedding, it is the perfect time to pull out something fun and different! Some tips for doing a dark lipstick are to know what shade is best for you, exfoliate your lips prior, keep the rest of the makeup look simple, and be confident.


Source: Harlowe James


Host a farm-to-table dinner

A farm-to-table dinner is essentially getting your food directly from a local source and cooking it right away. Though we don’t all have access to a local farm, there are other alternatives that are still better than going to a supermarket. You can check to see if your neighborhood has a community garden, visit a farmer’s market, or use your own garden if you have one — just try to get as close to the source as possible. There are so many yummy and healthy foods that are in season during the fall. Find a new recipe incorporating these ingredients and invite friends and family over for a beautiful and unique dinner!


Go on a coffee date

Welcome to cuffing season, ladies! If you’re single, this is such a great and chill way to get to know someone (unlike going to the bar for a drink where you have to wonder if one drink is going to turn into two, or even dinner). Also, if you’re into someone but you’re not used to making the first move, asking him to grab a cup of coffee is a perfect opportunity to take the initiative. Who would say no to a warm cup of coffee on a fall day? If you’re in a relationship, you can do this too. Ask your partner out for coffee on Saturday to catch up on each other’s weeks. 



Have a scary movie marathon

Get in the Halloween spirit by having a scary movie marathon with some girlfriends. Instead of going out one weekend, grab a bottle of wine, a bowl of popcorn, a cozy blanket to cover your eyes, and get comfy on the couch. Some of the best classics you can never go wrong with are The Blair Witch Project, Scream, Halloween, and The Shining. If you want something that was released more recently, try Get Out, Annabelle Comes Home, and The Quiet Place.


Start a reflection journal

After a summer of friends, vacations, and parties, the fall is great for alone time, self-reflection, and gratitude. The start of a new season is a reminder that there is always an opportunity to start over if you’re not happy where you’re at, and that change is constant. Starting a reflection journal allows you to check in with yourself and get a better understanding of how you are currently. It gives you the opportunity to make a change in your life if you need it.


Have a bonfire

Enjoy some of the last few nights of the year when it is still enjoyable to be outside around a warm bonfire. Toast some marshmallows, make a Hot Toddy (a favorite of The Everygirl office), and laugh about all your favorite memories of the summer gathered around the fire! Pro tip: elevate your s’mores game by swapping out a Hershey’s chocolate bar for a Reese’s cup! 



Try a new chili recipe

A crisp fall day and a bowl of chili just complete each other. You probably fall into one of two categories: either you have never made chili, or you make the same chili recipe over and over again. Venture outside of your comfort zone when you make it this time. You can try changing up the method from crockpot to stovetop. You can also switch up the protein from beef to turkey, or go vegetarian with beans and veggies.


Add hyaluronic acid to skincare regimen

Just as your closet needs a seasonal update, so does your skincare routine. With the change of the weather, your skin’s needs are going to change too. In the summer you can get by with a lightweight moisturizer, but as the weather gets colder, you’re going to need to bring more hydration into your routine. Aim for heavier products with vitamin B and hyaluronic acid. Alternatively, look for products labeled “cream,” as they are oil-based and will be hydrating.


Source: @ceceolisa


Take in the fall scenery

Sometimes we forget that the simplest of activities can also be the best. Take a walk through your neighborhood with a friend, or even by yourself. Just appreciate all the beautiful colors of fall, the crackle of the leaves beneath your feet, and the cool air on your face. If you want to take it up a notch, find a forest preserve with a trail near you and take a hike. 


Go to a taste testing at a local brewery

Breweries are popping up all over the place — check online to find one near you. They will probably be showcasing some of their new, seasonal brews for fall and you can ask to do a taste testing. If you’re unfamiliar with beer, use this as an opportunity to learn more about them and expand your tastes and knowledge. Most breweries even do tours of their facilities if that interests you too.


Source: @jesskeys_


Rent a cabin with friends, family, or your partner

Plan out a weekend getaway with friends and rent a cabin. You can make it just a quick escape from the city and stay local, or you can make a whole trip out of it and go to one of the best cabin spots in the country such as Lake Tahoe, Lake Michigan, or Big Bear Lake. Take this time to disconnect from technology and just enjoy being present with friends.


Treat yourself to a fun latte

I like Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and I’m proud! There, I said it. I think the fall has some of the yummiest coffee flavors. If PSLs aren’t your thing, there’s so many other fall flavors like Maple Pecan, Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Dolce, Caramel Apple Spice, and Chai Tea to try. Treat yourself to something warm and yummy this season.



Celebrate Oktoberfest

Though the main celebration is in Munich, Germany; there is most likely an Oktoberfest near you! The celebration is running from September 21st to October 6th this year. Local festivals will showcase craft beers, live music, and German cuisine. Don’t miss out on this fun celebration and experiencing a different culture.


What is on your fall bucket list?